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I’m curious, why do you say Ps3 stick works better on pc? Most games are set up for a 360 controller so you usually don’t have to map anything with the 360 stick as you do with ps3 sticks.

Hello again, I have stumbeled upon a quite cheap SF4 Standard edition stick. However it says it has a defect LB button. Would this be fixed by replacing the buttons or could it be a problem whit the PCB? He says in the add that “it’s no often the LB button works but someone might be able to fix it”. Is it worth the risk if I’m planning on replacing the buttons?

Thanks in advance!

The Hori Fighting Stick V3 should be plug-and-play, working as a generic HID controller. If it isn’t, I’d probably suggest looking into the MotioninJoy driver. I’m not the biggest fan of the driver, but a lot of people seem to swear by it.

The stick works just fine with “only” six face buttons. It’s how people played Street Fighter and whatnot in the arcades, y’know. You’ll still have your L1 and L2 buttons on the turbo panel, in case you run into a game that uses them for more than just macros. Now, I want to say that Ultras will take some practice, but really, it’s easier to hit all three punch / kick buttons on an arcade stick than it is on a gamepad. I’d say practice a bit on a friend’s stick or so; try and get used to pressing all three buttons at the same time and whatnot.

One question: Aside from PC gaming, are you planning on using it for PS2 games, on an actual PS2? If so, then hell, go nuts.

Other than that, if you and your group of friends also play on PS3s, I’d probably steer you toward the Fighting Stick V3.

PS3 supports generic HID style input control, so most PS3 PCBs implement using a generic HID compliant protocol that works on PCs without needing special drivers (with notable exceptions having to do with USB standards and Intel vs. AMD CPUs that would bore you).

Xbox360 stick controllers WILL need drivers to work on PC. The generic Xbox360 controller PC drivers may or may not work, they aren’t 100% and can be tricky/troublesome to correct if they are not behaving.

In general that is why PS3 pcbs will be preferred over Xbox 360 for PC compatibility.

Either the microswitch in button is broken or there is wiring issue with the button. Might be a contact problem on the pcb side. If you buy it, it’d but up to you to troubleshoot it so just consider how much effort you want to put in.

Might be a good opportunity to learn and get comfortable with that stuff as it’s unlikely to be a PCB issue if everything else works.

Personal preference, nothing more. I do not like how the Xbox 360 controllers treat the analog triggers in most PC games.

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Hello everyone , i want to buy a stick for SSFIV Arcade Edition , average player , and im thinking on this arcade fight stick http://www.amazon.com/PC-JoyStick-Controller-PlayStation-2-3/dp/B002Q2PUAK/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1375093291&sr=8-17&keywords=aRCADE+fIGHT+sTICK , i want some opinions about that stick .

For PS3 .

I don’t know if it’s important for you, but the button layout on this stick is Namco/Sega and not Vewlix/Capcom like it is on the SSF4AE (Vewlix) arcade cabinets.
Also, I don’t think the parts are sanwa or seimitsu.
I think the two best things about this stick are the price and the fact that it also works on PS2 (I don’t know if it’s important to you).
You’re probably better off getting a stick with sanwa parts.

Not worth it.

My budget go around on 99 dollar or ueros , this is maximum i can afford it.

Or even this stick , ive heard its easyer to mod whit even better pusshbutons ( sorry for my english its not my native language) http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-WWE-Stars-Brawl-Stick-3/dp/B004M25NNQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1375106230&sr=8-4&keywords=arcade+stick+ps3 , i want some of these because i love fighting games a lot especialy Street Fighter , remeber from childhood , on cabinets .

Get the WWE Brawl stick then. its within your budget and its very close to what the arcade has.
Also authentic parts are drop in replacement for that stick.

Thank you , the art work doesnt matter , because i make on my own an art custom cover. For cover what to use ? plexi ?

There no way to make plexy work with the bend in the top panel.

You have to either laminate your art or go for a vinyl print.

Ok thanks.

So I’m thinking of getting the Soul Edition stick for PS3, it’s only $125CDN shipped.

I only just got SSF4AE so I can learn fighting games. This stick seems the be the cheapest I can find for a tournament edition.

The obvious issue is that the buttons are laid out differently than the usual. Is using the default layout good for SF4? If not I can just remap the buttons in-game I guess.

At some point I’d want to change the art. I found that plexi-cover site (though not sure the difference of the full cover is) and am happy they can etch the button symbols in the normal layout. That leaves the question, are the wires or something labelled with which is which button inside? Would I have to label them with a quick piece of white tape on the wires inside before re-organizing?

I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself, thinking about all this before I’ve even really played SF4 much, but this is the kind of thinking/buying I do when I want to get into something. My experience with fighting games is pretty much learning a combo to spam at a friend’s house then mashing the rest while attempting to block a bit. Pretty much the same whenever I play arcade versions alone or with friends.

@Portaljacker - I know that the XBox360 version has a distribution block, like so:

(From my SCV for 360) I see no reason why the PS3 version wouldn’t have a similar block… Anyway, each button has its own colored pair of wires, so you should be able to jot them down before disconnecting them.

As for the full plexi, it covers the entire top face of stick, so you’d have to remove the bezel before installing it. The regular plexi keeps the SCV bezel (or any standard TE bezel, available in several colors from the MCZ website) intact.

Good to know! Also as a note I’m from Canada, so that factors in to my decisions quite a bit. Haven’t had much luck finding any TE stuff besides that at a decent price (including shipping of course).

You can open up your stick from the top using a 3mm hex key so you don’t void the warranty, then swap the quick disconnects around.

Alternatively re-map the buttons in game.