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Xbox 360 TE does not have the PC issues the PS3 TEs does. Also modding the TE with a new PCB or Dual-Modding a Xbox 360 TE fixes this issue off the bat.

Okay I want to buy the Madcatz TE stick for Xbox 360 . But I was wondering if there was a way to make it work on PS3 aswell. Is there a USB add-on or do I have to do some tricky modding. Thanks in advance

Dual Mod with ChImp or TE Kitty.
Both from Toodles.

Can you explain that for someone who didn’t understand anything you just said. :confused: Sorry

EDIT: Or am I better off just buying a PS3 sticks so I can use it at Tournaments and such.

TEasy Strike board and Kitty TE board are two solderless options for you. They will add PS3 support to your 360 TE stick with minimal effort on your part - simply open up your stick and install the board following the instructions carefully.

If you have some experience with soldering then you can save some cash by installing a Dual Strike board or a ChImp SMD.

Dual Strike products have problems at the moment.

What problems do TEasy Strike boards have? And DS SMD?

They would die.
Phreakazoid187 is trying to find the problem.
He is puzzled at what it is happening, thinking it is EEPROM.
But after getting a custom Firmware that addresses, problem still happen.

I have all eleven of my Dual Strike SMD not working.
They would work once on initial plug, then die after.
Reflashing the Firmware does not help.

It was such a bad Tournament. :sad:

TEasy Strike is experiencing the same thing.

Sometimes, it would work for few days.
Then it would die.

Some would work for weeks.
Then it would die.

Some would work for months.
Then it would die.

I’ve used many, and for long time.
Any many times I have to replace them.

Is this just a problem with 168 chips? I’ve never had an issue with AtMega8 DS boards, even so all of my DS 168 SMD are still working, and I’ve had no reports of a failed TEasy Strike from a stick I’ve personally modded (unless my customers are keeping peculiarly quiet).

From your experience did you start having trouble with your boards after trying to flash/use on a laptop?

I have one non-working ATmega8, the other ten are ATmega168.
I have a few ATmega8 that had to be returned to Gummowned.
The eleven, I gave back to Gummowned at EVO.

But even then when he replaces the chips, they’ll die too.

I thought they were dying because I first use on laptop.
So I installed some without touching the laptop.
Those die too.

Hurm… I’ve had a couple of problems with upgraded Dual Strive v1 boards running 168 chips, though I think I’ve been sent some replacements from bencao (can’t check at the moment because I’ve been out of the country for a long time). They only started playing up when used on a particular type of laptop, desktops have all been fine so far.

This is worrying…

Yes, so I been continually asking my customers whom I installed Dual Strike to, if theirs are still work.

Can’t believe a whole batch of eleven not working.

The reason I haven’t been too worried before is because I’ve had exactly the same number of faults happening with MC Cthulhu boards as I use a lot of both. I put it down to risk assessment of hardware going bad and it fell within acceptable grounds, but your report is disturbing me deeply due to the high percentage of unit failure.

Sad times.

Yes, even Phreakazoid187 is crazy about.
But for some reason, nothing from bencao74.

Maybe your problem with Cthulhu is the Imp v1.0/v1.1 being.
Those have very bad 4066 chips.

Every batch I order, have a lot not working.
Would need 4066 replace, or just do the stack.


Nah, my MC Cthulhu issues aren’t related to IMP boards at all as they’ve been put in custom built shells with Neutrik RJ45 jacks for testing purposes. One board does not have a ‘left’ direction at all, instead it has two ‘right’ directions! (even after updating its firmware and checking for other interference). Another died by sheer coincidence after it was left plugged into a PS3 during a Sony update a while back.

Hopefully there will be a Dual Strike fix soon as I find having a European product creator invaluable in terms of shipping costs saved.

The Cthulhu with two RIGHT is cool!

I think Phreakazoid187 got a bad batch of Chips. Toodles had similar issues once, but lucky for him he caught the bad batch before they ever left his shop.
Which explains the shortage of ChImps for a while.

just wanted to say thanks for this thread, i was looking for a fightstick on a budget for my xbox and didnt know what to get, but i just got the wwe brawlstick, i picked it up for $60 at ebgames and it feels great, eventually ill mod it but for now its great

thanks again

You are welcomed.