What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

This sounds most excellent, I’ll definitely look into these. Thanks for the advice, guys!

Thanks for putting up with my questions hopefully ill be purchasing within next 2 weeks


I’m looking for advice, I hope I’m posting it to the right place…
So, to summarize in the way of the first page.


  1. Connect on my PC, perfectly, not a bloody driver problem or anything
  2. Connect on a PS3 occasionnaly (If I need adapters/modding, it’s fine)
  3. As I was playing on the numpad on PC, I’d like something that looks like it in terms of layout (I guess the best is vewlix?), if this looks reasonable.

Something NEW with no lag. I could solder, but also 3D print, if that’s relevant. (Someone tried to do a 3D printed case for a controller ?)
With what I read, I have the feeling that Full Sanwa is great, and what I’d like to arrive to, if possible.

Budget: A fightstick with a TCO < 150€, including shipping in Belgium (Yeah that small country in Europe!).

Last point:
Street Fighter IV SE. $59.99 -> Not available in traditional stores (amazon.de/fr/it/co.uk // ebay belgium // standard gaming shops in Belgium) => Impossible to use it as base
WWE Brawl SE -> Available but ugly => Skip
Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Korean Edition, Round 1 TE, TE Round 2, Marvel VS Capcom 2 TE, TE “S”, MLG TE, TE S, Street Fighter X Tekken Fight Stick Pro -> Unavailable
TE 2 and variants (like the USFIV edition) => 200€ including shipping => Above budget

Anyone has an idea for out of the box controller, or even DIY ones with these requirements?
Start from scratch is ok for me, but in that case, which store should I trust? Lots of store were given as links in this forum, but I don’t know:

  1. Which ones are delivering in europe without “insane” shipping costs
  2. Which one are still existing (i.e. the company is not out of business)

Thanks for your info!

If PS3 and PC are all you need, go with this:

Pick up a case here:

(The Panzer would be a good option but Jasen is on a break due to service in the military)

Then get whatever joystick and buttons you wish from Paradise Arcade or Focus Attack.

Should cost you around 125$ before shipping. Problem is shipping to Belgium is pretty rough.

You might be able to try somewhere like Playasia for a Qanba arcade stick, as most of those will do PS3/PC/360 and shipping to Belgium may be less expensive.

I’d like to clear one thing up as my knowledge on PCBs isn’t the best. This is a fully functioning substitute, right? Your last sentence kinda confused me.

Yep! It’s a fully functioning PCB for the PC / PS3 / PS2, complete with cables and harness.

I meant you could then take a look at the Qanba PCB and see if you want to try and work on it if it looks like a minor repair job. If not, then you’ve got the ZD PCB that works fine.

You can find them on Ebay for around $20. Just get the 5-Pin harness ones for the joystick, as those will take the Sanwa JLF sticks and such.

Hell, you could put all this in a briefcase / Tupperware box and it’d still work pretty well. Shipping the case will probably be your most expensive issue.

The Panzer looks really nice.

I’m also thinking to start with a mayflash v2 (I’ve read in this forum that it was correct). Apparently it ships for only 25€ in europe. It’s a lower TCO than the tek innovations system.
Maybe the mayflash v2 should be displayed in the first post? Or it’s not ready yet ?

I’ll study the difference between Qanba R4 RAF from playasia, and the mayflash v2+sanwa. Thanks for the links!

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I’ll probably end up sticking to my Q1 and then replace parts step by step, I don’t mind the case and it’ll allow me to keep my spendings to a minimum instead of just going all out on a new stick just for one faulty PCB.

If you like the buttons and stick that currently fit in the Q1, the encoder is literally all you need to buy. The hardest part will be getting the Q1 PCB out and figuring out where to put the new one in the case.

I’ll probably end up switching to a Sanwa joystick and buttons as time moves on, so I went ahead and ordered the 5pin PCB. The wait begins


Anyone familiar with this stick?

I don’t know German so I am not sure if I can make everything out.

I got this out of Google Translate

Looks like the Mayflash V2 casing, which would also mean an easy swap in for Sanwa/Seimitsu. Take a look at the two side by side: http://www.amazon.com/MAYFLASH-XBOX-360-Arcade-Fighting-Stick/dp/B00NOAWLBE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422125791&sr=8-1&keywords=mayflash+v2

Makes sense given that we know of at least one other branding for the mayflash.

@Darksakul‌ How do you even find this one? >< Your arcade buying skills are good!

Thanks to you, I’ve found the mayflash v2 in europe! ([http://www.amazon.de/Arcade-Fighting-Stick-für-Xbox360/dp/B00NOAWLBE/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1422135710&sr=8-8&keywords=arcade+stick)
Will wait for your feedback on the new device 'though, before buying the one in link.

Someone else asked me about it, I am just crowd sourcing for info.

Man, I hope we see that model released over here, that would sure beat having to import a FC4 pad if the price point is like the v2.

Any ways don’t thank me thank me, thank @noLegenD2199‌ for pointing out the re-brained Mayflash stick the Venom.

Release date is the 16th of february.
I will post pictures once I get it. That’s the least I can do after Darksakul was so kind and asked around for me :smiley:

'm looking to buy my first arcade stick in the next couple of days. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions on a stick to get, what I’m looking for is one that has the toggle switch for PS3/PS4. As I currently play games on both.

I really was looking forward to getting the Ultra Street Fighter IV one, but its always sold out.

whats the best thing i could get for 180? i mean exactly 180 i dont have enough for a 200 buck stick or id buy a madcatz TE round 2/1 or something. Right now im looking at the eightarc fusion.