What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

True, but it’s far from a good budget option unless you already have the needed tools.

Also true, but if he’s getting a case from Tek, he doesn’t need much in the way of tools. He could very easily get in under that 150 mark he’s looking at.

Now if you’re building your own case, it gets a little pricier for an entrance barrier. Drills, saws and routers aren’t commonly cheap retail. Look in your local pawn shops for those. You’ll save a ton.

I will definitely use a Tek case as I don’t think I have the ability to build a case myself. My other concern with building it myself is the PCB. Should I padhack one of my 360 wireless controller (got 4 laying around) or get a PCB like the PS360+ or a Cthulhu to save money as I will only use this on the PC.

Cheapest non padhack option would be a pc only zero delay encoder ($10 with all wiring), but at this point I’d be more inclined to go with the cthulhu since the ps4 lab zero driver supports it.

I would go with the Hrap V4 instead of the DIY option if budget is a concern and you want PS4 compatibility down the road.
That is if you are getting a PS4.

Yeah If I decide on a DiY I will go with the Cthulhu as is cheaper than the PS360+

My idea with the Mayflash was that I will buy one to try myself with a stick. To see how I feel about it and if I enjoy playing with it I will them upgrade it with better parts. That way if I somehow dont enjoy using a stick is only a $40 investment. Somehow I’m kind sure I will like it though.

I do have the skill to do a DiY. My electronics knowlege I think is enough to do it. I’m always building PCs at work and I know how to wire stuff. The only think I’m not good at is soldering. Is kind fun thing to do to, but if the price will go over $150 them I think I’m just better getting a Hori as you say.

Thanks for all the help. Will think about it and make a decition tomorrow thanks.

If you do get a Mayflash try to get the v2 Mayflash as authentic parts will fit without much modification
You may or may not need to splice the joystick wiring

Well the V2 on Amazon is $100 including shipping. Didn’t find it on ebay. I think for 100$ I preffer to go for other options like the Qanba or even put $50 more for the Hrap4. If I could get it for $80 it can be a nice option I think.

Am in the market to buy a FightPad or a Good Third Party controller thats suited for FGs and is durable , but am confsued

What you are confused for and what system?

I am on PC

I really would like a Pad thats good as well as that will last me long, you have mad catz, you have Hori and then comes other 3rd Party stuff
But there are so many stuffs out there , I am confused which one to buy

Really wanted that PDP versus Pad with that microswitch stuff but i heard its quality is fucking ass :frowning:

In my mind all the current market fight pads are made not as well as it could be.
The GG Xrd fight pad being the worst.

But you are on the PC there tons of adapters to use game pads from past consoles on the console.
Just find the old controller you feel you be comfortable with.

what about the Hori Fighting Commander

So Far i heard good things about it

The new one for PS4? It isn’t horrible.
It has a very SNES like D-pad and 6 face buttons

iz it cheaper 2 buy a stick on evo or black friday??

Both. Black Friday and major tournaments (especially EVO) will have deals from a bunch of stick manufacturers. It all depends on the deal, and your financial standpoint.
If you decide to get an Eightarc, see my sig for a discount code.

For that price, if you don’t mind swapping some parts, you can look at the venom arcade stick

I think a lot of people would agree that eightarc/Qanba are incredible. They are really comfortable on your hands, wide enough to feel comfortable on your lap and really nice weight to them as well. No matter what new sticks I pick up I always go back to my Q4raf. Look in the sell/trade section of the forum and you can find one for around 100 I’m sure.


I am looking for an arcade stick mainly for neo games, shmups, and 2d fighters. Don’t really need anything too crazy or fancy, I’m just looking for an arcade stick that will play well with a wide range of games on my supergun. I’d like to get something on the cheaper side if possible, under $100 would be preferable. But if there are really good options at higher prices then i’m willing to look into them as well.


Please keep in mind unless you are getting a used stick, you need an adapter or you need to modify your stick for Neo-Geo/ Super Gun use.

If you don’t mind doing some rewiring, or buying used your choices open up.

Which route you feel like going?

Putting in a DB 15 connector and cable isn’t too much to add to a existing stick, especially if you Just want it for Neo geo and Shumps