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i added some links with similar cases from that side. the last one is pretty cheap too. i dont plan to buy these but i stumbled over them and wanted to see
if you guys have some experience with these cases/sticks.


This just popped up in the trading outlet, I’d advise jumping quick while it’s available: Selling MSI Armor Edition 1070 Graphics Card W:Paypal

It’a better case, it already has Sanwa parts, and starting with a 360 pcb is better than starting with a ps3 pcb for modding.

Also, I got a laugh out of the last one you linked to. Seems like they’ve got their games mixed up.

Here’s what you would be getting from that guy: http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Xbox-360-Soulcalibur-Arcade-Stick/dp/B006TC57WO

I would avoid all 3

I feel like a common concern with the HRAP.4 is the lack of wrist space, and the awkward choice of a slant as opposed to a flat surface. I know it’s the reason I’m hesitating to get one.

I use this…


…and have I zero complaints. I love the damn thing. However, I always dislike running into any sort of compatibility issues, and I know even less about adapters for PS4 and such, so I considered getting a new one. Seemed obvious to get a HRAP.4, since I like my .3, but that wrist space man. I’m so spoiled for this gigantic thing.

I’m fairly clueless on individual parts and pieces but I’ve used my brother’s TE1 and the stick always felt way too loose to me, buttons as well. I like a little resistance. So I suppose I’m just asking for general advice on a PS4/PC stick or maybe even just a trustworthy adapter to PS4 (is that a thing?). I think I’d prefer a new stick, but since I just sort of want (hah) my stick, only PS4-able, that is a particular request.

I’ve done a lot of looking around, but I find it really hard to tell how similar a stick is through a video or review or what-have-you, so any advice is welcome. Specifically from those who are familiar with the stick I’m using now, as that’s obviously my standard.

If you’re referring to the RAP V4 Hayabusa you’re not going to be able to find it any longer on the retail market but has a good amount of wrist space. If you’re referring to the RAP 4 Kai it doesn’t have as much wrist space due to the larger separation between the joystick and buttons but still has plenty of room and is pretty standard or above standard for most retail sticks.

Depending on how much play the joystick had when you played, it could be much different. A fresh stock JLF is much different than one played on for over a year where the spring is loosened up. You can also get tighter springs and larger actuators to customize it to your preference. As for buttons, a standard OBSF button feels pretty much the same until the microswitch goes out. If you’re looking for a higher spring button, you’ll want to try Seimitsu buttons. The stick and buttons you’re playing with in your current Hori RAP Soul Calibur V stick is EXACTLY the same parts as what’s in the TE.

Read over the details of all the current PS4/PS3 retail sticks I’ve listed in the DEFINITIVE PS4/PS3 RETAIL ARCADE STICKS LIST WITH INFO/FACTS/PHOTOS/ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES/ETC thread

It will give you a lot of information you can then go on from there. If you have any questions regarding details you don’t understand, feel free to ask in the [ABSOLUTE QUESTION AND ANSWER THREAD V.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!) thread

The TE1 has Sanwa parts, same as your stick. It’s possible his spring is a bit more lose than yours due to wear or simply being from a different production lot, but that’s a very easy (and cheap) to change anyways.
The HRAP4 uses Hori’s new line of parts (Hayabusa stick and Kuro buttons), so they will feel different from what you’re used to- you could swap parts with your old one if it bothered you much.

Also, while I can’t vouch for it firstahnd, the Brooks ps3 to ps4 converter seems to be getting pretty good feedback so far: Brook Converters Thread

Keep in mind that the converter isn’t guaranteed at this point, as different pcbs may or may not work with it. That said, since the HRAP3 was confirmed to work, there’s a pretty high chance your SCV one will.

Modding your stick to work with ps4 is another option, though it’s a bit more advanced and would require soldering.

Got my stick today , it’s like the weirdest thing , coming from a keyboard , it will take time to get used to it.

It take some time and practice, but I think you will enjoy it. The Hrap4 is a decent stick. The parts was not to my liking and I swap them out but then i prefer Seimitsu parts.

I’m a scrub , I probably wouldn’t see much of a difference anyway. If it eon’t break on me after a year or two , i’ll consider it a good buy:).

For authentic Japanese arcade parts it doesn’t matter it all boils down to personal preferences.

That looks like a great stick. Pretty sure it won’t break on you. Your only concern is, you must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!! hehehe

I know that feeling as well, I started on a MVC2 TE, HRAP V3 Kai, HRAP N3, then VLX Kuro. For me wrist space is a big deal, I play both on my lap and on top of desk depending on how I feel, the N3 is my stick of choice due to wrist space.

LOL moment when the wife came back from school one day, me and the kids were playing The Simpsons on MAME. During the bonus stage, wife walked in while we were all mashing buttons with our backs turned to her. I happen to be using the Kai and she said, actual words “You look like you’re jacking off”. I literally dropped to the floor crying while the kids were like WTF.

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Added the Definative PS4/PS3 Retail Sticks List by @FrankCastleAZ to the guide

Here is the link again

I’m going to need to buy a new stick to use mainly for SFV PS4, I would like it to be PC compatible though.

Right now I’m using a HRAP3 with Sanwa parts on PC.

I’ve been looking at the alternatives and would like to know which of the following you would recommend, and why?

  1. Hori RAP4 Kai, will give the stick and buttons a chance but replace with Sanwa if I don’t like them.

  2. Venom Arcade stick and replace buttons and stick with. Sanwa. (i live in Europe so shipping shouldn’t be an issue).

  3. Mad cats TE2, this feels a bit pricey, but if the higher price can be justified the so be it.

If the Venom is a lot cheaper than the 4 Kai I would go with that if not then I’d go with the 4 Kai.

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Hey guys.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but can anyone tell me the difference between the following two sticks?



On the surface they are both HRAP V Hayabusas. The first one hasn’t been released yet though so it may just be an update. However all of the specs are in Japanese so it’s hard to tell if they are the same quality in terms of components etc.

The newer one is retailing for $60 less (aus) but I just want to be sure the parts won’t need replacing straight away.


The cheaper one is going to have the new version Hayabusa branded buttons and the older one has “kuro” branded buttons.
They are both made in house by Hori.