What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

I don’t keep track with sales. Pay attention to the SRK front page and mad catz many social media outlets.
They announce sales there before anyone can mention it here.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll keep my eyes glued to their Twitter page. Sucks I have to buy another stick considering I customized the other one but it is what it is.

I’m probably going to buy the new HORI to play it on PC. I know that the stick does not have sanwa parts but from what I’ve heard they are pretty ok for a new player like me.


I’m not sure of the specifics, but I don’t think @Toodles really had a choice in not including Sega on the MC Cthulhu and honestly the MC Cthulhu is your best choice for multi console. If that’s a deal breaker for you, I guess you’ll have to make individual project boxes for each system, although that does seem like quite a waste.

SMS and MD works on a completely different scheme than anything the Cthulhu supports
Here is my Reply from the Q & A thread

Yeah, really a deal breaker, unfortunately.
But since an older board does the trick and still is developed by another cool guy, well… ^^
I also found a HSS-130, but 200 euros is a bit steep for it, I’ll wait for another opportunity.

Hello guys, I’m new here but I know this forum from a very long time.
I always plays street fighter games with a joypad.
Because I have never found it very good, i think i would take advantage to buy an arcade stick.
I found this used for € 70 (ps3 but I play on PC - little used and in excellent condition).
Is this the tournment edition S (TE-S?)


Yes that’s a TE-S and it’s a fantastic stick to own. € 70 is a solid price IMO. Has all Sanwa parts, and is the arcade stick with the most possible customization options out of any retail stick ever made.

A while back ago someone asked me why I love the TE1 so much, so I did a rough draft rundown of the TE1/TE-S and it’s positives and negatives. It can be seen HERE

Thank you FrankCastleAZ, this is very useful indeed!
However now I have a little doubt…I I read from someone in the thread that you linked that "almost ALL pcb’s in the Madcatz TE series (2009-2010 revisions) suck. (PS3 not functioning properly on PC, Xbox360 dying buttons)"
Is this TE-S version has the same defects (compatibility for PC)? I will use it exclusively on pc…Maybe an XBox360 version works better on PC?

That was an extremely low % of the PCBs and even then I have yet to see it happen on any of the 50 or so TE sticks I’ve worked with. Also, the TE-S has a revised PCB that did not have the same issues, so you have nothing to worry about.

That’s really awesome! TY :smiley:

Yes, the 360 version will likely work better on pc. That said, if there’s a large price gulf, you’re better off buying the one you’re asking about and replacing the pcb with a pc zero delay encoder. Also, the TE-S has an improved pcb over the originals (in terms of reliability), but that would really be a moot point if you ended up replacing it anyways.

What? Why?

He just said he wanted to play on PC. The PS3 TE-S he posted about works fine with PC and so there’s no need for him to spend more money and get a 360 stick or a ZDE PCB.

Which I did mention all of that in the guide on page 1. Even with in the Original Round 1 TE (Xbox 360 version) its only the first revision of boards that had real issues (Rev A). The PS3 TEs Round 1 and Round 2 do function on the PC, its that they have a incompatibility issues with non-Intel motherboard chip-sets, which we have a whole thread dedicated to that.

I meant that he could replace the pcb if it didn’t work with pc, worded that poorly. By all means, use the stock one of it works on your computer. If it doesn’t, there’s a cheap fix.

Ok, i’ll keep this in mind. Thank you guys :wink:

I’ve been playing SF4 with the analog stick on the standard 360 wired controller for ~4 years. It was kind of shooting myself in the foot, but I also play Cody which is arguably the same.

Anyway, I’m pretty comfortable and confident with it now, and I’m looking for potential replacements to play on PS4 that are still PC compatible since that’s what I practice on. In particular, I’ve been eyeing the Hori fps pad plus and converters like Cronus/Titan One, but the former was said to have a shitty R2 button in reviews and the latter still seems sketch. Does anyone have advice on how viable these devices are (input lag) or alternatives? I am mainly avoiding the DS4 controller because the stick feels a little loose and the position is awkward compared to what I’m used to.

Ignore the Titan One and Cronus, besides they are both banned at many tournaments they have various technical issues.
If you have to go with a converter I would recommend the Brook Converter or have a experienced modder “roll your own”.

Hi guys…I think is time to buy an arcade stick. I am a PC USER. I play on keyboard but is not so comfortable in my opinion. I play Street fighter V, KOF, MAIN GGxrd, and VF5. Which arcade stick I should buy?
-Madcatz te2 if compatible with pc

  • etokki jap or Korean
  • hori v4 habayusa
  • qanba q4
    I am worried about GGxrd…is a fast game…with Korean stick I have faster input then sanwa joystick? For VF series is better Korean stick like tekken?