What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Will the SSF4 TE S-Black (http://store.gameshark.com/viewItem.asp?idProduct=4768&idCategory=336) ever be restocked or are they done?

From last week.

Probability means Mad Catz is gearing up for a new project or product to get ready for and needs all hands on the project.
Or the SF IV TE-S did not sell that well, maybe both.

Hi, I’m a pad player and I’m looking to upgrade from my Nubytech PS2 pad + PS2/PS3 converter… and I’ve decided to track down an authentic Saturn pad. Yes, I know how difficult/expensive this will be. I have a Mad Catz pad for 360 and that’s not cutting it for me anymore, either. I’m trying to get:

  1. the USB version, or
  2. the PS2 version (both of which are extremely rare)

eBay looks like nothing but knock-offs (except for one, and I keep getting outbid). Does anybody have any other ideas? Thanks.

Yep like the recently announced MLG fightstick :rofl:

Info needs updating.

Just updated my old post in the TE Differences thread.

Just updated for MLG TE

Also I am going to mirrowing this guide on stick-wiki.wikidot.com

I’m new to fighting games, and considering buying my first stick. I was wondering if I could get some advice.

I’ve narrowed down my options to two for the pc (choosing xb360 versions) the MadCatz tournament edition S, and Hori RAP VX SA . From what I understand both products are similar in quality. The only glaring difference I’ve seen between the two is the Hori stick has a different button configuration being Top row: B(red),X(blue),Y(yellow) Bottom row: A(green), compared to the Madcatz being **Top row: **X(blue), Y(yellow) Bottom row: A(green), B(red).

What are the disadvantages/advantages of choosing one over the other?

As for the layout, there is no real difference, as you can set your button configuration however you want. They are just two different layouts that were chosen for various reasons. Madcatz went for that layout as it matched the layout of a controller(and on the new MLG TE they use the Hori Layout for some reason). There is no real advantage or disadvantage to either unless you are playing games other than fighters on an actual console.

It’s a licensing thing: MarkMan has explained it before, but if a stick is licensed by Capcom (or the like), it somehow allows them to sidestep the button layout issue. I’m sure there’s a deep political explanation.

I was referring not to the position, but the actual arrangement of buttons(where “A” is placed). I probably could have used a better word than layout. My bad on that one. Both of those controllers use a Vewlix layout though. I think Hori just pays for licensing, and Madcatz goes through Capcom for it.

The button layout (position of A,B,X,Y,etc) is what I was referring to. Neither of them actually license the ‘Vewlix’ name or layout (save for the VLX).

I was not aware that on a cab they were actually referred to by name or number. I just assumed it was blank goes here and is used for blank with one of those info stickers explaining how to play. You actually have to license placing the A button in the bottom left over the top right?

The buttons themselves I’ve know as LP, MP, HP, 3P, LK, MK, HP, and 3K.

I had the same problem with my R1 stick bought on release day. The last two kick buttons would sometimes just fail until I power cycled the stick. I’ve since drilled a third hole in the front of the stick and relocated the guide button with a 24mm sanwa. I removed the Turbo PCB from the upper left of the stick, then used one of Art’s plexi’s without the turbo section cut out to cover where the turbo PCB used to be. Never had the problem again. I believe it has something to do with the turbo PCB, or something in that area, but the last time I had that problem was before I made those modifications about a year ago.

Hello Everyone,

Forgive the questions from a complete n00bie looking to buy his first stick. After reading the thread I was curious what your thoughts were on a custom stick like Project Giant Sword? I’ve some players using them, and I would like to get something I can use on both a 360 and PS3. I’ve seen discussion on the Qanba QR4 but it seems like the jury is still out on that one? Thanks.

Well, I see nothing wrong with buying a custom, but it will generally be more expensive than buying a store bought stick, which is the reason why they aren’t recommended for a beginner. If you buy one, you would certainly be pleased with it though, no doubt about that. But, I think it would be wise to purchase the Qanba and use it for a while until you totally decide if you want to commit to spending hundreds on a custom stick.

Basically, you shouldn’t buy a car before you have a chance to test drive it. Go out and purchase a cheaper stick to get of feel for using the parts, and if you decide you are ready to make a full commitment to stick, then you should start considering customs. Almost everyone here that has a custom started out with store bought sticks at one point in time.

I use my Project Giant Sword case more than any of the other sticks I own… its comfortable to me… Depending on how you are with money… it would benefit you to buy a more affordable store bought stick… but in all honesty if I were to do it again I would just go straight custom… not because I have a problem with store bought… but because if I were to buy a stick I want it to be what I feel is a perfect set up… quality…feel…looks… I want my design… my components… my colors… thats the only reason for me to buy a custom… even my store bought sticks I own are modded… nothing was left stock… everything changed to a degree… so its a hard choice for a beginner that sees posibilities in what they can have and what they can afford… customs do take time to make tho so time is also a factor…

Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I’ve heard the fighting community is like a giant family and this solidifies that :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to plan on getting a Project GiantSword Classic when the store opens back up (which I hope is soon). That way I get a style and design I like, but not the super top end custom design to save myself money.

In the meantime, I may pick up a beginner stick used just to get a feel for things and make sure I want to go all in.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the input guys.

The Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fightstick for the Wii is pretty cheap right now, how hard would it be to mod it to work on PS3? Also, does the PS3 Brawl Stick have the same issues working on PCs that the original Street Fighter 4 SE fightstick has?