What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting


For me is to tight to play for example to Ryu and Ken i fail hadoken and shoryunken a lots


Hayabusa is very different from the 56- long throw, more loose engage, lighter spring. If those are what you prefer, then you will like it.


I use a Sanwa jlf with this stick i working fine with fighting games, shooters and Danmaku the throw is a little big and it´s little difficult made short movements without focus


The Hayabusa isn’t terribly different from the JLF. The switches and gate feel a bit different, engage is slightly more loose and throw is a little longer. I’d say the biggest difference is that it feels a bit more solid due to the differences in construction. If you like a tight engage and short throw for shmups and the more JLF like feel for fighting games, I’d say your best bet is to keep two different sticks.


OK i think that Hori Hayabusa has short throw almost as good that LS-56 but without tight shaft.


Hayabusa throw is longer than a JLF, at least with my years of experience with both.


Are you sure we’re talking about the same hori hayabusa? Its throw it nothing like the 56.


I need a decent pad with an analog stick. Can’t play anything on DPad to save my life.
Price tag can’t be too steep, but I’m mostly interested in knowing which ones are good so I can search them somewhere closer to me so I don’t need to import.
The only one I found around my area so far was a Madcatz Fightpad Pro. Don’t know if it’s good though.

Any suggestions?


hitbox is were it is at

  1. Hitbox is not a pad…
  2. The guy asked 3 months ago…

@Volt the Hori Fighting Commander is another possibility. The PS4/PS3 and Xbox One/360 versions can both be ordered via Amazon.


Yo dudes, im interested in the mad catz soul stick (best stick madcatz ever made imo), are they any rare to find, at least here in the trading outlet? And are they cheap?. I already searched ebay but it seems they like to raise the prices. So might as well search here at srk, idk


The Soul Calibur Stick? Its the same stick as the Chun Li TE-S There nothing “Special” about it other than mismatching ends.
Now actually getting one is going to be hard if you are just randomly poking around in the dark.

Put up a Want to Buy post in the Trading outlet and hope someone bites, maybe hit local groups or classified ads as well.


Yhea I will in the future, how much should I ask for one that is, say, used?


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Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on Hitbox Arcade (the brand) versus any of the other stickless/making my own as a first time user? Strictly from a price point- is the Hitbox Arcade my best option without being able to build my own case (lack of tools/space) or putting components into a shoe box?


Many sites sell plexis for cheap fight sticks. You may have to invest in some very cheap tools depending what board you have.
I don’t know about the qanba board, but the venom board (mayflash), allows for the stick to be connected by either 5 pin or 4 seperate cables (perfect for hitbox)


@itzpea build your own! Here’s a cheap case that works well. He offers a hitbox-8 layout case.



Jopamo, LOL.


Well the other alternatives are go big, go home, or go Tupperware/pizza box.