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What I wanna know is where they put them. Do they sell it on their online website or just back to a warehouse as storage(and forgotten)?

For the new Tekken TE-S.
Namco is responsible for Selling them. Way I understood it MadCatz Already sold 1000 units to Namco.
Namco is taking Pre-orders on the Namco store.

Is anyone knows the overall quality of the Saitek Cyborg Rumblepad ?
I already know the fact that Alioune used it, but i need more advices before buying one.

A namco stick without yellow buttons? Blasphemy!

You mean this Game pad?


I did not hear much about it. I like the option you can put the Left analog stick where it belongs instead of taking the location the d-pad is.
Saitek is the PC accessories division of MadCatz, so if you would trust Mad Catz you can trust Saitek.

You know with us that is not hard to fix. :smiley:

The New Tekken Hybrid stick is sold on Namco’s website. Right now they are only taking Pre-orders, and only bundled with the Tekken Hybrid collection

what i said here

The Qanba have the advantage of being dual platform without having to dual mod so that’s the major plus. It has felt on its bottom so it does not slide around on your lap if you prefer to play that way. The art on the Qanba is easier to mod with some having replacement plexi included and button plugs included but it is harder to mod the parts because it is harder to open . The TE sticks are heavier so they are more sturdier on a desk than the Qanba. The Qanba can be played on PCs with no problems while the TEs have problems connecting to some PCs. However the overall feel of the sticks are pretty much the same except that the start button is next to the main buttons so if you go ape shit button mash you might accidentally hit it. Oh and the price are cheaper.:wink: I don’t own a Qanba stick personally because I do not have any fighting games in the 360 but from the reviews I read it is probably the better choice. Hope it helps.:tup:

Hey I going to try to do a major overhaul of the guide in the next few days or so.
Any input or feedback on the existing guide is appreciated.

Guide List Updates
PDP Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick Klassic Edition is Added
[INDENT=1]As it came to my attention the PDP Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick Klassic Edition is constructed a little differently than the PDP Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick Tournament Edition.The MK Klassic Edition lacks the hinges and clasp of it the Tournament Edition variant, So the Klassic Edtion does not have the easy to open flip top or the stylish interior.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]To open/remove the Klassic Edition panel; six screws, 3 located in front and 3 in the back have to be removed as well as the plastic plugs covering all 6 screws. Only then the Klassic Edition top panel can be lifted.[/INDENT]

Also the Qanba section is going to go under major editing in a few days. This is to check for accuracy and completion.
This is going to be a part of the Guides major Overhaul.

Consideration of adding a number of Mad Catz Tournament Edition Sticks and Hori Sticks that has been purposely left out due to being rare limited editions or specialty use sticks. This would include both Hrap Twin Sticks for Virtual-On, the Hori Otomedius Gorgeous HyperStick, Mad Catz’s Tekken hybrid TE, Comic Con TE, Femme Fatal TE. There also consideration of adding many old discontinued sticks such as the Capcom Power Fighter Stick for the SNES and the NES Advantage. The MAS system stick section is also need of attention as the listing is very vague.

Depending of the Level of Overhaul the guide might go though I considering asking the mods to unsticky this thread and start with a fresh new thread.

The top control panel plate is metal, but only covers 3/4 of the top panel plastic shell. Just a heads up.

store prices are prolly gonna run higher than online. does ur sister or her bf have friends in NY? maybe the friends can order a TE for u and ur sister can just pay them when they arrive in NY?

PM’ed you regarding some options. Just a heads up.

I found a “Hori” Fightstick for PS3 on eBay but when I searched for reviews a different picture came up. Can anyone tell me if this is a different model of the Hori stick or if its a knockoff? Also can anyone let me know the quality of this stick? Thank you in advanced.

Not 100% sure if this is the best place to ask this question, though better than starting another thread.

I’m curious as to a side by side comparison of the Hori VX SA vs. the Qanba Q4RAF, obviously the dual system aside. If anyone who owns both (or has spent some time on) could give me some insight.

Mostly wondering on size/weight and how they both feel on the lap. Looking to add something else to my collection and can’t decide!

Actually this is the place for the question. kayj the stick on your ebay link the Fighting Stick V3 is newer than the one you probably read in the reviews which is the regular Fighting stick 3; of course since it newer the quality of the buttons and joystick is better and you don’t get the 2 unnecessary buttons.
For das: the Hori VX SA and the Qanba Q4 is almost the same thing but the Qanba have few advantages over the VX SA. It have felt on the bottom so it is more comfortable and harder to move on your lap,its easier to mod and art mod, and it come with a cleaning cloth. But they are not really a big difference(without mentioning the dual-mod). If people want to be real picky they could mention that the start button on the Qanba is not Sanwa but its not a big deal.The Qanba Q4RAF is harder to find and is more expensive by about 20 bucks.

For the MLG TE, what do you mean by when you say “Reliability: Better PCB that rest of the TE family”? I assume you mean better PCB THAN rest of the TE family? I’m just wondering, cuz I was pretty set on getting the MLG TE, till I saw the one that PR Balrog was using on the SBVI stream a couple days ago just suddenly die on him. I heard it wasn’t his own stick, but it still made me kind of nervous. I’m wondering now if I should just get another model of TE.

awesome, thanks for the quick response. i’d pay 20bucks for the off-chance i need to sit down on a ps3, and the start button issue isn’t something i was that worried about. was just curious what people outside of the couple unboxings and reviews i watched thought about it, now that it’s been out for a while. any other opinions are greatly appreciated. <3 Hori, but i’m leaning towards pre-ordering a Q4RAF.

I understood that Mad Catz always take opportunities to reevaluate and improve designs of there PCBs when they have the chance. You aways strive to be better your next go around. This applies to any electronics/ tech company. The MLG TE is no exception. Most of the TE sticks are improved from the Round 1 stick, and the TE-S is better than the round 2 PCB. There will always be that 1% who have there product die before it’s time, and with out knowing how someone takes care of their stick, you don’t know what factors lead to someone’s stick not work in the middle of a match. 80% of the time I blame people wrapping there cords around their stick. The TE Cord storage space isn’t that great for your cord ether. You basically do not ever want to put a kink in your USB cord. every time you do that you weaken the wire until it breaks inside the cord.

I try to write the guide as unbias as possible, but if I have to choose between a Hori hrap and a Qanba Q4 RAF I would choose the Hori. Biggest reason for me is Hori is a better known company and I am more familiar with there products. I know next to nothing about Qanba in comparison. It is why I am talking to someone now to try to improve/ expand the Qanba section.

I feel ya, Hori is definitely the more reputable brand, and the one i’m more familiar with. Maybe part of the allure to buying a Qanba sticks.

im going to buy a new arcade stick in a weeks or so since my madcatz SE stick broke so from these ones which one should i buy
Or should i consider getting a different one?