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this might be a stupid question but i wanted to make sure

“Hori nabbed the official license to make Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 branded arcade sticks.”

does this mean that mad catz will not be able to make umvc3 arcade sticks? is it possible to have two official license?

I don’t think they could have two official licenses. Basically “Hori got dibs”. But it also depends on the terms of the license. If Hori only have the rights to use the characters on their stick but not the name then MadCatz can do something similar to the Namco TE-S stick with the clean design or like the Round 1 design. We can be sure no SE version will be out :razzy:

So I’m thinking about picking up a fightstick soon. I’m torn between Madcatz TE stick and Hori RAP V3.

My biggest question is can I dual mod the Hori RAP V3 as easily as the Madcatz SF4 TE? I’m a total noob to sticks so any help would be great.

For dual-mod the V3 SA because there is less plastic to go through.

Art mod however goes to the TE. the V3 SA is agonizing:wasted:

If you buy a 360 TE, and get a TE Kitty or a TEasy Strike, that will be much easier than the RAP V3 or VX.

But get HRAP VX if you want to dual mod a Hori, because you can use a ChImp SMD. HRAP V3 would require a common ground 360 controller PCB and an Imp, so that’s one more PCB you can have problems with.

Should read to learn about Dual Mods:

Thanks a lot for the info!

If you have any kind of hardware or auto parts store you should be able to find an e-clip. They’re only a few cents, so you may be able to find a multi pack for pretty cheap and go with what fits. In a pinch you can also use pliers and flatten the clip out and bend it in a bit to tighten it.

No longer agonizing.
Just as easy as the TE

See, there we go, no excuses for not modding the VX/V3 SA Arcade sticks

And guys, as a customer I have to say Blk Lighting is legit.
He helped me with my Virtual-On Dual-Stick mod on a Hrap-EX

Holy hell, how have I missed this site. Now I want to buy some Horis and get to modding.

When I get my Hori I’ll be coming to you:O

Don’t forget Blk Lighting has his own thread, and website. Check out those places for more info

You have been doing Math :slight_smile:

I will be here :slight_smile:

Thanks alot Dark, very much appreciated my friend.


Guess what arrived :wink:

Well there are no screws on the bottom so i guess I can try to remove the rubber feet to at the bottom to see if screws are hidden underneath.

Most likely so

I’ve been saving up for months to buy a fight stick. I’m not much of an arcade gamer, but I use the analog stick as I’m not very good with the dpad… I’ve been saving up 80$ for a fight stick, but my dad advises me not to as it’s a waste of money and it won’t make me better…

I’m buying the fight stick, because I want to prepare for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. I’m ok with the analog stick, but it’s just so damn unreliable sometimes… When I put in a command, the controller sends the wrong move to the game, and it’s irritating… I know a fight stick won’t let me improve, that’s what I must practice for. I’m just asking if it’ll HELP ME get better, and/or make my executions more accurate?

I know it might take a while to get used to it. But Is the WWE Fight Stick worth picking up for a beginner? Should I reconsider?

Sorry I don’t know where to put this!

Try the Tech Talk forum. They know their sticks there.

Well, it’s decent but at 80 dollars, there’s really no reason to not spend that extra 20 and get a stick that uses genuine arcade parts like the HRAP VX/V3 or Madcatz TE, although you’d have to buy it used off Craigslist, Amazon, the trading outlet here on these forums or eBay to get one for that price. You’ll be better off in the long run. $80 also seems pretty steep for a Brawlstick.

I guess you need to ask yourself if you really enjoy fighting games and are ready to start using an arcade stick. There is a learning curve and it will take some time to get used to. It can help your execution (more often then not if you put the time in) but at the same time it could also be detrimental to your execution. There’s no shame in using a pad, some people just prefer it, and some people use both depending on the game. Though this is just my opinion, so wait for other replies.