What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting


For PS1/PS2, I recommend –

Fighting Stick PS by Hori
(Since it uses a compact Seimitsu joystick like the LS-56, you can swap out the stock restrictor gate for the octagonal one)

Namco Arcade Stick

Twin Shock Arcade by Blaze

There’s a lot more good PS1/PS2 arcade sticks, but I don’t feel like discussing those…

Was thinking about getting a ps4 stick, don’t really want to spend a big amount of money (since shipping costs alot too).
Is the hori real arcade pro v4 kai a good option for me? (this is also one i can just pick up in the store here in Belgium)

I do not see why not.

I found a liking in the Hori turbo command ex 2 but it seems to have become super rare. They don’t have it in there store anymore ( both the US and the JP one). A quick search on amazon ( .de and .com) and ebay ( also .de and .com) and googling didn’t come up with anything. Are there any similar controllers. I like the handling of an xbox controller but it obviously has it’s issues. A fight pad just feels awkward to hold for me so that would be a really awesome controller.

My advice would be: don’t. The main reason would be that you’re going to be taking it up the ass on shipping costs and that’s assuming that the seller even ships internationally.

There alot of set up for a US citizen to buy on Yahoo auctions Japan.
Shipping, money transfers and such.
Yahoo Auctions Japan is suppose to be a domestic auction site (Japanese locals only) most Japanese sellers (on Yahoo actions) do not deal with people out of Japan.
Many will not ship internationally and fewer still takes international payments.

You more than likely have to find a 3rd party to be your middle man (for shipping and payment) which will drive up cost even more.
for a Hori turbo command ex 2 I would not think its worth it.

If it was something really rare and you can’t find state-side at all, sure.
But I just found the Hori pad in 2 seconds on amazon via google search.

I avoided those Amazon sellers because aside from the top two the reviews are below 90% which is rarely a good indicator. As for the top two ones. I didn’t really plan on spending over 100 bucks on it + shipping + other fees. I liked the design hence why I asked if there might be alternatives

Im looking to buy a new stick for about 100$ tops. Im a PC player, will be playing mkx and street fighter V, when it comes out. Never owned a stick before, so any good, reliable sticks for beginners out there ?

Well if you are a PC player, avoid any Xbox One sticks there is a issue with the RT and LT buttons working. The error is a MS drivers issue that MS will not fix.
Second, there really is not a beginner stick largely whats recommended for Pros are recommended for beginners which is having authentic arcade joystick lever and buttons.

With your budget, you want to look at something used, as there nothing new off the shelf that worth the money for $100.
I don’t recommend Qanba as they tend to break a few months futher down the road

I second what Darksakul said about there being no difference between a beginner and an advanced stick. A few points to take into account for either one:

  • What do you need in a stick? Identify that first. Maybe in your case it needs to be below $100, shippable to USA, work on pc.
  • What do you want in a stick? What are good extra’s to have? For example: it also works on ps3 or xbox, it has a certain layout like namco noir or viewlix, it’s moddable, etc. Maybe you favor a particular company.
  • What are the recommendations that you should always take into account? Those are discussed on page 1. There is also a good resource on reddit if you google “reddit arcade stick guide”. Mainly what’s important is the fact that there are certain quality standards that a stick should at least achieve, like having sanwa parts or being moddable with them, rather than “stock” parts, and being manufactured by a respectable company. Madcatz, Hori, Qanba, Razer and Eightarc come to mind, but there are more.

Then it becomes a matter of finding a stick with the properties you chose for the right price. Ebay, amazon, and other, more local trading outlets are good to check. There is a trading outlet on this very forum that you should check. There is also a price check thread.

A quick ebay search turns up this thing for me: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Refurbished-Eightarc-Qanba-Q4-Dual-mod-Arcade-Stick-Complete-in-Box-X360-PS3-PC-/281693491356?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item41963d909c

As new, Eightarc, $100, pc/ps3/xbox360. It looks good at first sight.

Hey guys, in anticipation of SFV’s release next year, and my general want of a PS3. Could you guys recommend a arcade stick that can be used in both systems? I was looking at the venom arcade stick, but I am unaware if he build quality and whatnot. Budget is around 100GBP.

by both systems I assume you are speaking of PS3 and PS4? Because SF 5 is a PS4 exclusive ( I am not counting PC for the sake of argument here, and explain why in a bit)

All retail PS4 sticks has a mode switch to switch between PS4 and PS3 mode. Top of that all PS4 controllers work on PS3 with basic functionality (you lose rumble, motion control and the home button).

Note the current stock of PS3 and PS3 sticks on-the-market-now works on PC. I also like to note than Xbox One sticks are having some minor issues with use on the PC (you lose RT and LT on PC thanks to Microsoft’s drivers).

Oh, I know SFV is PS4/PC exclusive. I just couldn’t figure out what stick to buy. Hut see all retail PS4 sticks have the ability to be used on PS3, I’ll just buy a PS4 stick. Thanks for your reply, mate. :slight_smile:

I figure I try to cover everything, Right now unless your are modding a stick, your Choices are Hori Hrap for the PS4 or the Mad Catz TE2, both has their pros and cons.

I own a venom arcade stick and love it. The build quality is really great, but the issue is that it doesn’t come with real arcade parts. Depending on how cheap you can get the parts of your choice, you should be able to keep it under 100gbp. If you’re not comfortable modding id say go with hori or madcatz

You can’t get the venom in the US

@Darksakul Since he’s making reference to GBP im fairly confident that he can get from Europe no problem. As for US availability, I can’t confirm 100% for US, but i got mine shipped to Canada from Germany no problem. Even with duty and euro/cad conversion it was still a pretty decent deal.

Im finally getting around to buying a new stick. Im stuck between the ps4 TE2 or the Razer Atrox for Xbox one. I will be dual modding either stick i get. Any help would be appreciated. Or is there any news on qanba/eightarc releasing a dual modded stick for Xbone/PS4? Thanx in advance

No one is selling the venom stick in the US, instead we got the Mayflash v2 stick which is just a Xbox 360 and PS3 stick.

Hello hello, I’m new here!
Actually I’ve registered just to post in this topic, I hope I’ll be able to get some useful insights!

I’m in possession of a Madcatz Street Fighter IV SE for PS3, and as everyone should know by now this stick works with only the PS3 and not with PCs, or at least not with any PC I own. I’d really love to use an arcade stick to play with my PC’s fighters and shmups, so I’m considering two options:

  • save some good money (150 to 200 euros I guess?) to buy myself a nice and quality arcade stick (I really love the design of Qanbas but I’ve just saw that they are not really sturdy, what a pity…) or
  • buy a Chtulhu PCB now for 50 euros and wait some time before buying a good stick and good buttons since the stick I’ve got should be really easy to mod

I’m actually leaning toward the second option right now since it will give me something to play with as soon as possible and from what I’ve gathered the SE stick with full Sanwa parts should be a pretty decent stick, right? But then again I didn’t read enough to know the ins and outs of a cheap and modded stick against a more decent stick, so maybe it would be advisable to buy a better one that will serve me better in the long run?

For what it matters I’m a beginner in both genres, I don’t have specific needs outsides of wanting to have a good time with a sexy arcade stick~