What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

My TE2 is slightly heavier than my Kai, both feel just as good on a table or my lap. If you need more weight some people glue/epoxy fishing weights to the bottom inside of the stick in the 4 corners of the metal panel.

for what its worth, the standard PS4 TE2 available on Madcatz site now.

Well I will mention one thing I haven’t seen anyone say. The PS4 TE2 isn’t common ground. Meaning if you ever wanted to mod that stick in the future to work with other systems it will not. You will have to pay a modder to remove the stock PCB and replace it with a pad hacked common ground PS4 controller and then add your additional PCBs (Xbox One, 360, etc). The Hori RAP4 is common ground and $50 less. The only other option is to get the Xbox one TE2 and pay for the cross bone adapter which will allow that stick to connect to common ground PCB. Basically, Your total investment to mod that TE2 in the future will cost you more in the long run. If you don’t care about any of that then get the TE2.

Are you sure? People have been dual modding their ps4 TE2 all the time. The only TE2 that is not common ground is the Xbone version.

I’ll look further into that. Madcatz produced 2 versions of the TE2 for Xbox One that weren’t common ground and produce 5 versions of the PS4 TE2 (Persona, Guilty Gear Xrd, USF4, SFV and Stock) that are common ground? Why? Anyways, lets say the PS4 TE2 is common ground. The only difference now is the $50 price difference and the lack of a touchpad compared to the Hori RAP4.

Only the xb1 te2 are not common ground. Some bullshit from MS, not MC fault.
All the te2 for the other systems, 360 and ps4 versions, are common ground.

What’s funny is that the ps4 Hrap4 has the same issue the ps4 mkx fightpad has. Even though it’s common ground, if it’s pcb doesn’t recognize the system then all its inputs are low causing issues for the other pcbs that get modded into. There’s a workaround, but it’s annoying.

So in a modding aspect the ps4 te
2 is much better.

Hori HRAP is the best if you can afford it IMO. Next best is the TE2. Just such a solid stick. Also not that the Hori Kai is Hayabusa level and Kuro buttons, not Sanwa. That being said I heard they are pretty good, but some liked Sanwa buttons better as far as feel.

what the best TE2 to modding for ps3 & Xbox 360?
TE2 xbox one or TE2 PS4?
thanks kinds regards

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The stickies exist for a reason.

which should i get? which stick does the fighting game community hold in higher regard. Im just looking for comments from those who have first hand experience w both and wanting to hear their preference and why. thanks :slight_smile:

There no one best way.
Easy route Xbox One TE 2 + Crossbone TE PCB + PS360+
Cheaper route The PS4

I belive the PS4 PCB is common ground, the Xbox One stick is not, hence why the crossbone is needed

darsakul thx for u’re answer
one last question, TE2 model ps4 moded with PS360+ can we added crossbone too ? or something like for xbox one?
thx again

A quin mod (PC/PS3/PS4/360/XB1) is possible via XB1 MKX padhack & Hori Fighting Commander Pro 4 padhack combo with switches. Unless you have quality soldering skills and modding knowledge, you’ll likely have to have someone do it for you. Check [this post](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post for your local modder, or just go @Vicko if on west coast or @Gummo if on the east coast.

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I’m deciding between building my own stick with a tek case, getting a hori rap4, or getting a maybe a qamba q1 or a mayflash and mod it with samwa parts. This will mostly use with PC and maybe later a PS4.

This is going to be my first fightstick ever and still not sure. Budget is no more than $150 but will like to spend less in case I end up not liking using one.

Any good recommendation?

Building your own is satisfying in ways that is hard to express. It’s unique and a direct reflection of yourself. If you can, I would do it that way.

True, but it’s far from a good budget option unless you already have the needed tools.

Also true, but if he’s getting a case from Tek, he doesn’t need much in the way of tools. He could very easily get in under that 150 mark he’s looking at.

Now if you’re building your own case, it gets a little pricier for an entrance barrier. Drills, saws and routers aren’t commonly cheap retail. Look in your local pawn shops for those. You’ll save a ton.

I will definitely use a Tek case as I don’t think I have the ability to build a case myself. My other concern with building it myself is the PCB. Should I padhack one of my 360 wireless controller (got 4 laying around) or get a PCB like the PS360+ or a Cthulhu to save money as I will only use this on the PC.

Cheapest non padhack option would be a pc only zero delay encoder ($10 with all wiring), but at this point I’d be more inclined to go with the cthulhu since the ps4 lab zero driver supports it.

I would go with the Hrap V4 instead of the DIY option if budget is a concern and you want PS4 compatibility down the road.
That is if you are getting a PS4.