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I completely agree with tencho BUT i think the TE2 feels heavier… I don’t know what the actual weight is, i know its not hard to google but the TE2 feels heavier. If you liked the Hori Pro SA sticks, the newer Hori sticks feel the same. My opinion is the TE1 has the best feel of all of these out of the box. I would just consider modding your TE1 before purchasing a new stick, won’t cost much anymore. imho

Guys , is this stick pc compatible? Also is it good? Better than the real arcade pro 3/4?
I have my finger on order right now , willing to pay the extra shipping to italy at that price if its worth it , if not , is the rap 4 , ps4 edition worth 144+shipping from amazon.de?

I’ve been wanting to get a stick for a while but everytime i want to get one , i am called for work abroad and i have to postpone every plan i had. Now i’m in italy and i don’t care if it’s gonna sit in a box for the next 2 months , but if there’s something worth it in a 150-160 € budget i’m gonna get it , that hayabusa thing is pretty , and a friend that owns a hori rap 3 is pretty satisfied with his stick , and the haya , i’m pretty sure at that price is on a substantial sale.

The Xbox One sticks have had a lot of PC compatibility issues. The PS4/PS3 sticks from Hori shouldn’t give you any issue, but they don’t advertise them as working with PC so they can kind of hide behind that if it doesn’t work. There’s an upcoming stick that Hori is actually advertising as PC-compatible, but I’d be pretty confident with the PS4/PS3 ones.

That is a shame , it seemed like a good stick.
I definitely do not want to wait for until , if ever , that stick will be available in europe.
Do you have any recommendation for me?

This should do it for you. I own one and it works great on PC. There’s a switch that toggles it between PS3 and PS4 modes - set it to “3” and it’ll work on PC. Some people have reported it working either way, but I know for sure the “3” setting works.

I’ve been looking to purchase a stick but I’ve run into some problems trying to decide which one to get. Currently I’m not as concerned about the budget, I just want to make sure I get what I need for the money I pay. This’ll be a little bit of a novel and I really apologize for my ignorance here, I’ve never had to shop around for sticks like this…

Currently I plan to use the stick primarily for KI on XB1 and SFV on PS4. I may still boot up Marvel on PS3 every now and then. Initially I thought it’d be in my best interest to go with a PS4/PS3 compatible stick and get the Brooks converter for XB1. The two out there seem to be the Hori RAP 4 Kai and the TE2, although the TE2 is sold out. Is there any word on when the next wave will be?

I had my eye on the RAP 4 because, in a lot of ways it seems perfect, but I’ve read reports about it being potentially too light or cheap feeling(?). I also heard about button issues although I actually have an old PS3 TE Round 2 with in tact buttons that I assume I’d be able to pop out and slap in the RAP if I needed to replace the Kuros. Is there really 50 dollars worth of quality difference between the RAP 4 and the TE2? I’m perfectly fine paying the extra if there is. Also is the increased space between the stick and buttons a lot? I’m used to the MadCatz TE Round 2 that I used before and I wouldn’t say I’m resistant to change, but is it common for people to use it and say “this is way too far”?

Since I was fearful of getting something cheap by sacrificing the 50 dollars, I even considered the Razer Atrox with the Brooks converter to Ps4 (since I hear they’re comparable to a TE2 but actually in stock) and just sacrificing my ability to play Marvel on ps3 (my aforementioned TE Round 2 has a broken joystick, which is why i wouldn’t be able to use that for Marvel). I really do not play Marvel that often anymore so it wouldn’t necessarily kill me. I guess I’d phrase it like this: I’d rather have a great quality stick and not be able to play Marvel than have something cheap so I can occasionally run Marvel.

Not really sure which direction to go here. Has anyone had a lot of experience with these sticks or have been in a similar situation? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the novel.

I can’t speak of the Brooks converter.

Out of the Hrap 4 and the TE 2 for the PS4 I would go with the Hrap 4 unless having the easy to open compartment really your thing.
The Hrap 4 cheaper, sturdier and the only complain it the Hayabusa/Kuro parts isn’t for everyone, but then Joystick and button swaps is reliability easy.

Both the Mad Catz and Hori sticks are cross compatible for the PS3 and PS4.

Honestly I would skip on the Atrox unless your planing to dual mod it. I Beta tested it, and the features that impress me the best are also in the TE2.

Keep in Mind I end up buy with my own money the Hrap 4 over the TE 2.

I’m seriously considering getting a Hrap 4 Kai. I know it is slightly different from the Hrap 4 but in terms of wrist/palm space, both look identical, which is the only thing that I’m afraid of, it not having enough space in that regard. I haven’t felt a TE2 yet, but I know how the original TE feels. That thing is ergonomic heaven.

Do you guys think the Hrap 4 or 4 Kai has enough wrist/palm space?

Depends on how you play but the slant in the front is where you would rest your wrists, I think there’s enough space but everyone different so maybe you prefer a flat wrist space like the TE1, I prefer the flat wrist area the TE1 and older Hrap’s but the Hrap 4 Kai feels fine for hours of play.

Yea flat wrist space is what I think I would prefer. Its one thing to always speculate and try to imagine how things would be, but another thing to test it out yourself. I’ve read that the TE1 is vastly superior to the TE2 in terms of build quality and sturdiness. You guys agree with that too??

Other than that little flat wrist space issue, for the price and what you get, that HRAP 4 Kai is absolutely a steal of a deal. For $150, you get a touchpad and a quality piece of hardware. THe TE2 is $200 and doesn’t even have a touchpad. It’s that darn Hayabusa lever i’m dying to try out

Yeah the TE1 is a lot more solid than the TE2 mainly because of the way the TE2 can open with the push of a button.

HRAP Kai has little wrist space vs a TE1, but yes the price point and features are a plus on the HRAP Kai. As for the Hayabusa you love it or hate it, I’ve learned to wing it and get use to use.

Another thing with the TE2 that I haven’t seen mentioned here as yet is the fact that the bezel around the face of the panel is slightly elevated. So basically, the middle area of the stick is recessed and the edges stick up slightly. I know that will be uncomfortable for me, but again, some people can adjust their wrists to accommodate anything. I guess the space on my Arcade In A Box stick spoilt me!


does anyone has experience with this sticks?


and if its easy modable if at all.

Looks like a JLW clone and knockoff 30mm buttons, so it would probably be easy to swap parts. That said, I believe you could do much better for the price, such as a Mayflash V2.

i added some links with similar cases from that side. the last one is pretty cheap too. i dont plan to buy these but i stumbled over them and wanted to see
if you guys have some experience with these cases/sticks.


This just popped up in the trading outlet, I’d advise jumping quick while it’s available: Selling MSI Armor Edition 1070 Graphics Card W:Paypal

It’a better case, it already has Sanwa parts, and starting with a 360 pcb is better than starting with a ps3 pcb for modding.

Also, I got a laugh out of the last one you linked to. Seems like they’ve got their games mixed up.

Here’s what you would be getting from that guy: http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Xbox-360-Soulcalibur-Arcade-Stick/dp/B006TC57WO

I would avoid all 3

I feel like a common concern with the HRAP.4 is the lack of wrist space, and the awkward choice of a slant as opposed to a flat surface. I know it’s the reason I’m hesitating to get one.

I use this…


…and have I zero complaints. I love the damn thing. However, I always dislike running into any sort of compatibility issues, and I know even less about adapters for PS4 and such, so I considered getting a new one. Seemed obvious to get a HRAP.4, since I like my .3, but that wrist space man. I’m so spoiled for this gigantic thing.

I’m fairly clueless on individual parts and pieces but I’ve used my brother’s TE1 and the stick always felt way too loose to me, buttons as well. I like a little resistance. So I suppose I’m just asking for general advice on a PS4/PC stick or maybe even just a trustworthy adapter to PS4 (is that a thing?). I think I’d prefer a new stick, but since I just sort of want (hah) my stick, only PS4-able, that is a particular request.

I’ve done a lot of looking around, but I find it really hard to tell how similar a stick is through a video or review or what-have-you, so any advice is welcome. Specifically from those who are familiar with the stick I’m using now, as that’s obviously my standard.