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does anything speak against a madcatz sfxt pro 360 stick?

i can get one for 40€uro

is it comparable to a madcatz te stick in term of quality?


If it’s in good condition then go for it, the stick should come with full Sanwa parts. Personally I really dislike the cheap plastic case but 40E is still a bargain.


thats what i will find out later when i meet with him to check it out.
so the case is kinda cheap in comp with a te?


If it has the tournament lock switch, then they’re the exact same controller, just SFxT branded.
It’s still a tournament edition stick, even though it says SFxT.

Notice this flyer? (actually just click the xbox 360 selection).

BTW I just checked my X360 SFxT Box sitting under my Qanba box
The box says "Tournament edition fightstick pro."
Therefore, quality is the exact same because it IS the tournament edition.

BTW if the stick is not brand new and has been sitting around, I HIGHLY suggest you get a can of this stuff

Open the stick, remove the micro-switch TPMA assembly from the base (After removing the gate) if you need extra room (you have to remove the gate at the minimum),
then remove the top housing of the Omron switches (Very easy to do with your fingernails) and spray Deoxit on the “clicker” connection where the contacts press together.

You will thank me later.

Test your newly cleaned switch in windows with Joytokey after setting stick as keys (PLEASE SET PROCESSING SPEED TO X16 to reduce delay from 20ms to 2ms), and Switchhitter from here:
Set chatter threshold to 8ms

You should have absolutely NO keychatter or double inputs when moving the joystick very slowly along the microswitch activation->deactivation point and to the gate (always use slow inputs).

Most people on these forums don’t test their microswitches like this.


any reviews on the new omini Revision 6 ps4 sticks from etoki?


It’s 99% the same as the rev5 but now uses a Brooks PS3/PS4/PC Fightboard PCB.


Hello , im in the market for an arcade fight stick , and im thinking of this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Official-PlayStation-Licensed-8-Button-Arcade/dp/B00NHDSINS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1469093921&sr=8-3&keywords=Arcade+Stick , its a buget option and im beginer . Its good this stick!!


If you plan on installing Sanwa / Seimitsu parts, then sure.


How was the TES+? I would like a TE2+ but not for $229.99. I don’t care about the extra weight.

TE2+ 1.45
TES+ 4.95

Those are microseconds of differences, but has anyone felt any noticeable difference while using both?


I personally like the tes+ way more than the te2, just feels more solid.


I personally don’t really care for Teyah’s test, honestly as long as the input lag is below one frame it really isn’t noticeable at all. Even 1 frame can be difficult to notice for some on slower games with very lenient timing windows for newer players. Just get whatever works and doesn’t have significant lag on it. I played some of the sticks in “M tier” according to Teyah for the PS3 games I played like +R and MvC2 and honestly they were still very much playable to me, but the MLG TE and MadCatz Fightstick Pro were my first two sticks actually. And +R and MvC2 have strict timing windows on certain things. Fighting Edge, PS360+, TE Kitty, all of them performed the same results when I played those two games. Absolutely no hindrance to me. I know you asked for PS4, but just saying take those results with a grain of salt, I could be just immune to lag, which I could be. If anything, worry about a good monitor first before your stick, if your stock PCB somehow lags more than you want it to (which I doubt it will), then grab another one that satisfies your tastes.

EDIT: The TES+, build wise, feels durable, pretty nice, and it is what it is. It is a solid stick with everything you’ll probably need in terms of functionality for a standalone PS4 stick.


Take that chart with a grain of salt


I have decided to buy the TES+ stick. I am not a fan of the TE2 exterior design. And today’s the last day to get it for $149.99. Thanks for the input, guys.


So today I got my TES+, and I really like it. I have an issue, though. I noticed when playing SFV that when I press medium punch (triangle), all three buttons are pressed. I saw all three buttons be activated in the button preview feature. Wtf. Is there any simple way to fix this or am I gonna have to contact mad catz?


Thank you @Darksakul and @d3v . I’ve been playing with a controller for all my fighting games for so long but, now thanks to y’all’s help, I just purchased my first arcade fight stick. Madcatz Capcom Street Fighter IV Arcade Fight Stick. (The first one you rate on your Madcatz list.) I haggled the guy’s price down and got it new for only $50!


You are Welcome, and nice score on the Mad Catz stick.


So looks like the TES+ is a good buy? My RAP4 Kai died horribly last year and I’m looking to finally get back into the game.


It’s fine, but I do hear a decent amount of PCB problems now here… Presumably QC went down since Markman left.


As far as sticks go with PS4 functionality, it’s the best “bang for buck” value imo.

All the Madcatz PS4-era sticks feel like garbage. Hard to believe they charge more money for an inferior product compared to their offerings during the Xbox360/PS3 era.


Those OG TEs were really good. The prices for TE2+ are outrageous imo.