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Hey guys,

I’m new to the FGC and am keen to buy my first stick (tekken mishima player). I’m currently looking at the omni korean stick from etokki but its sold out at the moment. I’ve contacted them but no reply so far.

Would it be better for me to get the japanese omni arcade stick and the fanta korean stick and just put the fanta stick into the japanese box? Would that work?
Alternatively I was thinking of getting the TES+ and putting a korean stick in there but I’ve been told the fanta stick won’t fit, that I have to get a crown korean stick? Can anyone confirm?

What option would you guys go with? If I’m going to play competitively with mishimas I may aswell put the money into a korean stick.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


There is one stick that uses Korean parts, but was a limited edition, it is the Madcatz SE Korean Edition, you can find more information here: http://shoryuken.com/2013/10/18/shoryuken-review-mad-catz-arcade-fightstick-korean-edition/

Other than that, you will have a better time getting a custome case done than trying to fit one of those into a retail japanese case.


There is a line of Korean joytick intended for Japanese style stick mounts.
It is the joysticks that the Mad Catz Korean Edition uses


There is a line of Korean joytick intended for Japanese style stick mounts.
It is the joysticks that the Mad Catz Korean Edition uses

Most likely these https://www.focusattack.com/crown-cwl-307fj-jms-joystick-clear-red/


There more info on the first page of the Korean parts thread if you want to read up on the joystick.
You will need to replace the joystick wire harness or get a wireharness adapter


Thanks will do.


Ahh perfect, good to know, sorry for the confusion then if any lol


Its cool.

Here the link of any one is intrested

There also a active group discussing mods and new parts for those who are interested.


Hey all,

First post, just getting into the scene :slight_smile: Just bought the TE2+ for $180 on sale @ Amazon, will hope for the best re: some of the relatively minor issues people have experienced. I’m sure I’ll be more than happy with it as my first stick, yeah? :slight_smile:

If there are any glaring issues I’ll return it, but hey, might as well try it out. If it doesn’t work out, has anyone tried the Razer Panthera yet? Hot off the press… if so, would love to know how it compares to the TE2+, as from what I can tell, it fits into the same “easy to mod” category… That is, except for changing the main decal/artwork on the Panthera, which from what I read, appears to be very difficult for novices (or at least, non-handy people). From the few articles I read, there also seems to be some doubt about input lag, but the reviewers aren’t entirely convinced it’s a real issue, and it probably wouldn’t be for me. Anyone have hands-on experience with the board in general?



Hi guys,

I want to buy a qanba q4 raf, since the ps360+ is out-of-stock everywhere (does anyone know why ?) and I want a pcb that supports my XBOX 360. (also I would want a 2nd stick sooner or later for 2 player games)
I have an ultra ulia kit atm with full seimitsu parts.
Main use of the qanba q4 on the xbox would be cave shoot em ups, so I’ll probably swap my seimitsu ls-32 over to the qanba, which is hopefully possible.

I did a bit of reading and I’ve read that some people are unhappy with the spacing between the stick and the first two buttons of the qanba q4, that it is too narrow.
Now I’m trying to find out the stick-button distance difference, button spacing difference, between my ultra ulia (I’m quite happy with it) and the qanba q4.

Can anyone tell me the spacing of the qanba q4 raf, is the button distance different too?
Someone told me its a vewlix style layout, and the ultra ulia an astro city one

Are the measurements from the picture http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/layout.html
with the subtitle:

This layout takes the arcade layout and shifts the top row a bit to the right. This is the precise layout used in Taito Vewlix cabinets. Note that the bottom index and middle finger buttons are closer than 36mm to one another; they will not work with nuts stocked with Sanwa screw-in buttons. )

the exact same as for the qanba q4 raf? Or are the arcade stick measurements totally different from arcade panels themselves.
Are there any other good options beside the q4 raf?
170 Euros are quite a lot of money for me, so I want to get this one right ^^


Edit: Right now I saw the Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter Arcade Fight-Stick Tournament Edition 2 (XBox 360) is up for delivery again in a few days to my country. Would this one be a better choice (I guess it also has the same spacings as the qanba) since I only need xbox360 and pc compatibility.


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What opinion do you have about this stick Mortal Kombat Fight Stick?
i think is better that Sanwa JLF because is made it by Suzo Happ but i not sure?


If you’re referring to the MK classic stick that came out for PS3 and Xbox360 it used Suzo Happ which is not as good as IL. Comparing American style parts to Japanese parts is apples to oranges. Parts are a personal preference thing.


I am using Mad Cat C.T.R.L.R and I like it very much!


Is there a difference between using a PS4 TE2 versus an actual x-input 360 stick on PC? Or would the input delay between them be minuscule?


If there is a difference in input delay, it’s so small you will never know its there.

The real difference is game compatibility. Some games are only compatible with Dinput (which is the older), some games only work with Xinput (Newer) and some can use both.
Both D Input and X Input are parts of MS Direct X, of course the Xbox 360 and Xbone controllers a Xinput.
There also software that makes Dinput controllers compatible with Xinput games.


Is there up to date list that includes razor panthera and qanba dragon and obsidian? Curious how they rank


Ugh…enough of this input lag “ranking” nonsense. Let’s just play video games without blaming hardware for our overt suckage…


No, there isnt. I don’t have the time nor the resources to update the List.