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I’m now trying to decide which arcade stick to get but totally overwhelmed by the variety of sticks and all the tech terms.

My main platform is PC. So I’d like to get a stick that works well with it, hopefully without modding. Honestly, modding scares me, so I’d like to get something that would work out of the box and first learn how to use it. :peace:

I never owned a stick before so I have no idea how different buttons feel like and what I should look for. Once I tried a Hori stick at a local fighting game event and I remember I liked it a lot, but I don’t know which model it was.

I mainly play airdashers (BlazBlue, GuiltyGear etc) but occasionally go into 3D fighters too (Tekken, DoA). Still, 2D is my prime target :slight_smile:

So for now I’m thinking of getting Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s ok for PC or I should look for something else.

I’d be happy if someone could just point out a direction for me to look into. Or confirm the stick I chose is okay for what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance!


A HRAP 4 Kai will suit you well for what you want. Hayabusa stick and buttons are really nice. It even has a toggle switch for PS4/PS3/PC(XInput). Enjoy.


Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll go for it then.

Oh and I also got another question. The HRAP 4 Kai only works with PC and PS, right?
Are there any other sticks that work for Xbox consoles as well (PC / PS / Xbox)? Or any sort of adapter to make HRAP work with Xbox?
Even though PC is my priority right now I may still get one of the new consoles in future but I don’t know which one . Would be great if the stick was still compatible with it.


Well there’s also a HRAP V Kai that’s compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It was recently discontinued, but I’ve seen some still stocked at retailers. So unless you want to swap the PCB with a Brook Universal, you’re going to need to choose your console platforms of choice.

Else you could just go “balls deep” and get a custom stick made with a Brook Universal Fight Board and call it a day. Here are a few options (DIY or Made to-Order):

Jonyfraze (MDF)
Jasen’s Customs Panzer 3 (metal)
Allfightsticks (metal)


Alright! Thanks a lot for the info.

I’ll probably go for HRAP4 Kai as my first stick then, since I’m playing PC only at this point and not sure if I get a console anytime soon, so I guess console compatibility is less relevant for now.
But if I do like the experience and decide that I need something more customised, I’ll know where to look for!

I also noticed there are some HRAP Tekken 7 edition coming out and there is one for XboxOne. Is it based on HRAP V? The shape of it looks a bit different from 4 I think.
But I assume there is no difference in terms of compatibility with PC, whether I get HRAP 4 or V?


HRAP 4 Kai or HRAP V Kai will both support XInput on PC.

As far as the difference between this and the Tekken 7 stick, it’s a completely different design. It will allow you to rest your palm on a flat surface, instead of on an incline. The layout is considerably different than the HRAP 4. It’s got a Namco Noir (a variant of Sega Astro City 1P layout with wider joystick spacing), vs Taito Vewlix of the HRAP 4. Stick/button layouts are pure preference, but I personally can’t stand the Noir layout-- as it requires too much elbow-tucking to hit everything well IMHO. However, also IMHO, the Tekken 7 case is MUCH nicer overall. I used to have one of these in the form of the Soulcalibur V stick a couple of years ago. If it had a Sega 2P or Vewlix layout, I would have kept it.


Hmmm… I honestly have no idea how any of that feels like. I don’t have any friends with arcade sticks to check them out and they’re never on display in stores, only for online orders. So I can’t really tell.
But from your experience, you’d rather recommend Vewlix layout for someone who is new to this or it doesn’t really matter?


Take the inside of your right elbow and jam it to your abdomen. Keep it there. Play. Behold, the Sega 1P/ Namco Noir layout.

If you’re a stick it might serve you well. I’m a big boy though…it’s just uncomfortable


lol I see what you mean. Still unsure what would suit me better though. But probably won’t know until I try.
Kai case seems smaller on photo than Tekken edition. Is that true?

Anyway, thanks a lot! That was really helpful!


The Tekken 7 stick is deeper but not as wide as the HRAP 4/V. Both are unobtrusively sized though.

Kai, by the way, just means longer distance spacing for the joystick. Typical Vewlix (and all other HRAP 4/V) use a closer layout (JP models). Some people complain that close spacing makes them bump hands during play. I have gorilla hands and a closely spaced joystick has NEVER been a concern for me. I have no idea what those other people are doing with their hands during play… probably the same folks who belly ache about cracking plexi panels and buttons LOL.


Unless you’re completely inflexible you’ll realistically adapt to any decently designed stick with extended use.


Inflexible?? At the prices these sticks are…Why would anyone want to just “adapt” to something instantaneously uncomfortable?


lol my hands are not that big to bump with them while playing… hopefully. :o

well, I also believe it’s possible to adapt to anything given enough effort, but I’d rather pick something that suits me better from the start. Otherwise I wouldn’t be asking all those silly questions and just got the first stick that came into view ^^

I also did some reading on gate restrictor, and now I’m a bit confused if I should stick with square which is default in HRAP (?) or buy something else. I think I’ll just stick with square though. If I understand it correct, it’s better if you want to make smaller movements and that’s something that I want to practice actually. Although I usually play characters with a lot of quarter-circle and half-circle movements so idk.


I feel that Octagonal gates are inefficient. YMMV.


Have fun. It’s a lot of reading, but the information contained within is invaluable


wow. I’ll definitely read through this before buying the stick. Just skimming through answers a lot of questions.
Thanks for the link!


I mean sure if you it causes you physical discomfort to play with your buttons shifted a certain way or something you shouldn’t be using that but how many people is that the case for? If you buy something and then realize that you might have preferred something slightly different a little bit more you will naturally adapt to it regardless over a fairly short period of regular use. You certainly shouldn’t settle for something that’s uncomfortable or that you don’t want but adapting to the new item is going to be part of the process whether you buy a new keyboard, or fightstick, or mouse, or desk, or chair, or anything else you physically interact with. You use it for a bit and you stop noticing the differences without direct comparison.


I lived with a nice looking stick that was torturous to play on for long sessions. The Soulcalibur V/N3-SA stick was an effort in patience and adaptation. Once I swapped over to Vewlix and Sega 2p I never looked back.


Question about PC compatibility: do the PS4 sticks that work with PC all require you to use some other program to set it up or are there any that are plug and play with games like SFV and Guilty Gear? I’m new to the fighting game genre and looking at getting a stick but my favored platform is PC, however I know for some games I will have better luck and a wider playerbase on my PS4. So I’m looking to get one that is compatible with both but I’m curious if they pretty much all have to use Joytokey or something similar. Also if so how easy it is to set it up each time. Do I have to set it up once per game and can I get it to remember the setup if I am switching the stick between my PS4 and PC.


Most will work fine with direct input (default ps4 PC output). Use a mapper program on an as needed basis. That said, there are a few ps4 sticks that also have a switchable xinput mode, so you’re sure to be set either way if you got one of those.


Any recommendations for a sub-$200 stick with both direct input and xinput?