What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting


I believe the Qanba Obsidian ($200) and Crystal ($150) have that, not sure about any others at that price point.


HRAP 4 Kai
HRAP V Hayabusa (JP)


If you don’t want to fuss with any additional mapping programs I would recommend the Hori RAP 4.

Price point is good and they are usually in stock on Amazon. I have one myself and really enjoy it.


Hmm interesting… looking at either getting the Hori Rap 4 or the Qanba Obsidian. Both look like nice sticks but is either considered higher quality? I can get the Hori stick from Amazon faster since I have prime but they are out of the black at the moment and I can get the Qanba from eightarc with a 10% off with a Combobreaker promo code. So is there anything that makes the Qanba worth a longer ship time and $30 extra? Although the Hori would be a different color than I would prefer.


Sanwa parts in the Qanba vs Hori Hayabusa parts. Both cases should be good quality. The HRAP industrial design is years old compared to the obsidian.
Both are a bit of a pain to customize on the art front.


Somewhat of a random question, but did you keep the stock (Kuro) buttons in your HRAP 4?


No mods done whatsoever. The version that has the PC toggle (XInput) has the Hayabusa buttons instead of the Kuros as far as I’m aware. I went from a Qanba Q4RAF to the Hori so the buttons feel fine to me.


So I went out and bought a Hori RAP 4 Kai at my local shop as they had one available and after getting home I see on the back “Functions as PC controller through XInput” Followed by "This Product does nos support “DirectInput or analog input.” Did I buy an older model that doesn’t support both or is this a mistake on the packaging? Is there any games I can test to know if it works with both? Thanks for the advice and help guys!


You’ll be able to use it on PC just fine, don’t worry. XInput is a newer API made specifically for Xbox 360 controller, hence it’s called XInput. And since PS3,4 controllers use DirectInput, you’ll still have DirectInput support too. You’ll just have to plug it into your PC in PS3/4 mode.

Edit: Checked out your previous posts. PC versions of both SFV and GGXrd support XInput and DirectInput. You’ll have no problem switching platforms back and forth with HRAP4, just remember to change the slider position.


I am currently rocking the Mad Catz TE2 and now am looking to get a new stick with a touchpad.

I was primarily looking for a stick that:
[] is Sony Licensed (don’t want to worry about future PS4 updates)
] has Sawna parts (which I prefer)
[*] Last but definitely not least, has a touchpad

That being said I have been eyeing the Razer Panthera ($200) as it seems to fit all of my qualifications.

I was also was considering the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 ($150 + $50 for Sanwa parts), but doing the extra work for the same price makes me not want to.

I have the following questions:
[] Anyone has experience with the Razer Panthera? Anything I should know about it?
] How is the general quality of Qanba’s sticks? The Obsidian comes out soon and I was curious how Qanba’s sticks are like.
[*] How is the case for the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4?

Of course, any other recommendations for sticks that I may have missed would be greatly appreciated!


Obsidian has been available for weeks…


What exactly did you dislike about it? I’m thinking about buying the Hori Tekken 7 Stick which looks to be basically the same.



Any one here have bought an import stick? Im want to get my hand on the HRAP.N when i comes out in July.


Does anyone know where i can get a korean stick? Normally i would buy a korean lever but im better off buying a stick since i plan on using the fastest shipping. Im interested in the wooden stick from istmall but its currently out of stock atm so i need other choices.


I have. I’ve also pre-ordered that exact one on Play-Asia.


is better X-arcade for 113€ new or Hori Real Arcade pro 110€ ?
And what of the two have better arcade parts?


Oh god almost 100% guaranteed the Hori will be better. But I don’t like the American style arcade parts at all.


Not All american parts are bad. IL stick are great but not fit in arcade stick, it this fit Qanba Q1 i have a eurojoystick or Magnetic Stick from IL American Style


Eh. I grew up on Happ parts before they supposedly went down in quality, and the best thing to happen to me was for Japanese style arcade parts to start coming over here.

To each their own, obviously. If you like US style parts it would be a much more difficult decision. It’s just an easy one for me. :wink:

What model of Hori Real Arcade Pro, by the way?

Edit: I’ve also owned an X-Arcade stick myself. I no longer have it, but have a LOT of HRAPs.