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X-Arcade leaves alot to be desired, including their PCBs


Looking to buy my first stick for PC/PS4. I’m in Australia so options are pretty limited and expensive whether it’s local or import. I considered getting a Venom/Mayflash and modding it later with Sanwa but for that price I could get a HRAP (2016 model I think, the one without headphone jack).

So is the HRAP basically my best bet? Also, is the older “box” style of the HRAP Tekken 7 and HRAP.N easier for playing with on the lap than the lower profile of the regular HRAP? Although not sure if I’d get one of the new ones anyway since the older HRAPs seem to be a good $40 cheaper than the 2017 ones.

Any pointers on choosing a first stick are welcome!


I think the Tekken 7 style is nicer for lap playing. but that might also have to do with how much I prefer the layout compared to the Vewlix-style.


Oh, the Tekken 7 one is a Noir layout too, right? I was trying to figure out how I’d place my fingers on that in my lap though. It seems straight forward for on a table but on lap it seems like I’d have to bend my wrist weirdly. Probably wouldn’t be any harder than adapting to claw on pad or weird keyboard layouts I use though.


Well, I think either way you’re going to have to do something goofy with your write in lap play. But the Noir just feels better than Vewlix to me in that setting.

Maybe I prefer it so much BECAUSE I almost only use my lap?


Hey guys, just like the guy above. I’m gonna buy my first fightstick, my main use would be X360/PC since I think im gonna end up building a gaming pc rather than buying a ps4. Anyways I live in mexico so my options are very limited and expensive. I was thinking of the mayflash f500 since it’s cheap and it sort of has compatibility with every console but I’m really gonna give my fightstick a rough use so im gonna end up buying sanwa parts because the stock buttons are not gonna hold up that long.
I also saw the hori rap tekken 7 x360/xbone special edition, which of course is compatible with pc too, It’s more expensive but the buttons and stick are higher quality than mayflash’s, plus it has some pretty nice waifus.

Prices aside, I can save money I guess, what im mainly looking for is a stick I can fully customize, and by that I mean throwing some artwork, sanwa buttons and stick and even better if I can throw in some shit to do light up on press led mod. What is my best choice then


Your easiest/cheapest option since you want 360 support would be to try and find a used 360 stick that already has quality parts- 360 controllers work fine on windows generally. Barring that, you could learn to padhack, this would open up a lot more cheap options to you down the line.


I was thinking about the f500 too, but I saw I need an original x360 controller if I want it to work on the x360. And the hori is just plug and play out of the box on pc and x360, plus it has better hayabusa parts than the f500.


Original Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers are a pain to pad hack.

Cheapest yes, easiest Not a chance.


I’m already decided for the hori rap hayabusa, just want to know if anyone know if the new hori rap hayabusa tekken 7 edition is limited edition, and if the artwork can be replaced, since it looks like it has plexi but the screws it has look different and I can’t see what kind of screws they are. I wouldn’t like it to be sold out once I get the money and having ppl sell it at a higher price.



There is no plexi, the art is printed on a plastic backing adhered to the top metal support plate.
Hex screws.
Good luck.


Shiro, Hori was displaying this stick at E3: http://www.hori.jp/products/p4/p4_rapnH_hs/ which leads me to believe you should be able to get it here not too far from now. So even if you slept on the Tekken sticks (which are great), the non-game branded version will likely also be an option.


Thanks bois, I hope the stick last at least 1 or 2 months so I can get the money by that time.


MUCH better looking than the Tekken 7 sticks as well :wink:


Lmao I really liked the cute waifus on the tekken 7.
I just saw this hasn’t come out yet. Is it gonna be available on amazon, I suppose also at a cheaper prize right?


Oh, I agree. Non-game art always beats game art.

And Shiro, both Tekken 7 sticks are out, but they sold out on Amazon FAST. That 2-3 months thing is for a restock. Some GameStop stores also got an allocation.


I meant the rap hayabusa pro N, the one withouth the artwork, I only see pre orders. Hope it comes out on amazon at a cheaper price, tho I only see it for ps3/ps4/pc, y’know, I’ll just decide once I get the money lol. Thanks bois


Ooooh. Yeah. Sorry, I misunderstood. That’s supposed to hit in July. I’ve put my pre-order in at Play-Asia some time ago because I was too nervous that it wouldn’t be released here.


I also agree, some times game art on a stick looks like a children lunch box.

I am more of a fan of abstract classic designs


Im gonna end up changing the artwork so yhea, I guess the pro N is better, hopefully cheaper too. I hope templates get made here in srk. Just wanna know if artwork without the plexi lasts, I fear that the sticker by itself get’s dirty or starts peeling off due to the time that it has with no protection or something that it covers it