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Those decals are made to last years of abuse


Art at Tek-innovations makes plexis and prints art for these sticks. You’ll want to look at the hori Soul Calibur V stick section, since that’s what these basically are.


Unless you’re using a custom PCB, I’d say the TE2+ as from what I know it has the lowest input lag of all commercial sticks at 2ms, besides the custom PCBs which have no lag. To the best of my knowledge the Hori VLX has 16ms input lag.



I’ve been away from fighting games for awhile, but want to play GG REV 2 casually (on PC)

I used to build customs on here back in college, but haven’t kept up with things in the past 5 years… and don’t have the time to put together a new case.

Im looking for something cheap <$100 but moddable. I have some JLFs and OBSFs that I can swap in, so I don’t care if I need to swap out knockoff parts.

I would prefer the PCB be decent, but I realize sub $100 is pretty cheap… I can always rip out all the wiring and redo it with a custom PCB in the future if they still make those.

It’ll be used on PC only as I don’t own any systems anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Decent PCB is half the battle, I am not sure about the PC version of GG Rev 2 but get your self a Xinput compatible PCB as many PC games require it now


Thanks, I hadn’t heard of xinput before now.

Do you know of any custom boards that support Xinput? Something like a PS360 or Brook fight board.

…or one of the cheaper retail sticks that support it?


Both the PS360 and the Brooks UFB board supports it, Xinput is a Microsoft exclusive API layer for controllers and apart of Direct X since Direct X 10 I believe.
Some boards have to be put into Xbox 360 or Xbox One mode while others have a dedicated PC mode.

The Newer Hori PS4 sticks has a PC only Xinput mode.



XInput for less than $100 gives you a few good options:
Brook Ultimate Fighting Board ($85-90), Brook PS3/PS4 Fight Board ($30-50), and Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio ($65).

I’ll leave the research on this options up to you


Thanks for your input guys!

I don’t mind padhacking, but the Brook PS3/PS4 board looks easy to solder, and really inexpensive.

I’m thinking of getting a cheap mayflash to use as a shell, and rewiring it with the ~$30 Brook board. I think it’s my cheapest option since I have the extra Sanwa stuff laying around.


Bois, pls help. Can someone confirm the price of $63 dollars and tell me that the fightstick is still available?. I have like $55 and if it’s still available I’d buy it instantly.


There’s also a discount offer on the ps3 version of this same fightstick. I the 360 version is not available, i’ll buy the ps3 one, but I need to know first if the ps3 version works on pc too. Im still gonna add a brook pcb later.


Hi, I’m looking for a PS4/PC stick. Been eyeing a used (like new) TE2+ and a new Hori Tekken 7. Both look great and use x-input but also have small problems. TE2+ is said to be kinda unreliable when it comes to PCB and it has this Mad Catz thing where the metal bracket for the joystick is too close to one of the buttons so the screw-on Seimitsus I have on hand won’t fit.

Hori on the other hand seems to be perfect (never used a noir layout, seems interesting) but I’m unsure on the input lag. I had a HRAP4 and the delay was really noticeable. The design also leaves me cold, the upcoming HRAP N looks way cooler but I’m not sure if it will ever leave Japan.

Please advise.


Just a point to note: the TE2+ does not natively support XInput. It requires drivers to be installed in order to supply XInput compatibility.

This means that you better have the file stored on a cloud drive account somewhere forever.


Yeah, I know. Got the drivers stored already. What I’m asking is basically: does the Hori Tekken 7 have a new, faster PCB than the HRAP4? Are there any reviews on that?


The Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa looks promising, think it comes out next month - if you’re looking for an official stick. Check out the Panzer FS3 though, I don’t get people paying $300 for TE2+ on eBay (knowing the issues it has stock) when you get could get a Panzer in the same price range (with a Brook Universal Fighting Board).


HRAP V Hayabusa is already out. You meant the HRAP N Hayabusa.


Oh, I meant the Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa 2017 version


I think HRAP N is more likely to come out to the west. Arcadeshock posted this photo of the Hori booth on E3:



Mad Cat C.T.R.L.R I had for 6 months. I am planning to change it now.


August 15 on Amazon!


Hori Real Arcade PRO 4 VLX Taito working with mac?