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hitbox is were it is at

  1. Hitbox is not a pad…
  2. The guy asked 3 months ago…

@Volt the Hori Fighting Commander is another possibility. The PS4/PS3 and Xbox One/360 versions can both be ordered via Amazon.


Yo dudes, im interested in the mad catz soul stick (best stick madcatz ever made imo), are they any rare to find, at least here in the trading outlet? And are they cheap?. I already searched ebay but it seems they like to raise the prices. So might as well search here at srk, idk


The Soul Calibur Stick? Its the same stick as the Chun Li TE-S There nothing “Special” about it other than mismatching ends.
Now actually getting one is going to be hard if you are just randomly poking around in the dark.

Put up a Want to Buy post in the Trading outlet and hope someone bites, maybe hit local groups or classified ads as well.


Yhea I will in the future, how much should I ask for one that is, say, used?


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Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on Hitbox Arcade (the brand) versus any of the other stickless/making my own as a first time user? Strictly from a price point- is the Hitbox Arcade my best option without being able to build my own case (lack of tools/space) or putting components into a shoe box?


Many sites sell plexis for cheap fight sticks. You may have to invest in some very cheap tools depending what board you have.
I don’t know about the qanba board, but the venom board (mayflash), allows for the stick to be connected by either 5 pin or 4 seperate cables (perfect for hitbox)


@itzpea build your own! Here’s a cheap case that works well. He offers a hitbox-8 layout case.



Jopamo, LOL.


Well the other alternatives are go big, go home, or go Tupperware/pizza box.


Well finally got a stick. Last time I had a stick was 12 years ago. Got the Razer. Hopefully, I can play with it…


Hello DarkSakul, you gave the Nuby Street Fighter Anniversary Stick a B rating. You did not meiton its most valuable asset. It’s the easiest joystick to make right handed (or to coin a verb “righthand”) My hands are not skllled…

(I even messed up swapping the buttons between corresponding puch and kick, and broke 2 button’ male connectorss, but I found suitable replacements,as for the other buttons, I had a professional electronics installer take out the shard of connector in 2 of the quick connects, and work his way carefully on a couple buttons that were stuck. A couple of the male conectors were too small to keep on the stick right, others were too big where I needed profesional hands to undo them. But all in all the labor cost $10 at a repair shop for about 10 minutes of work) ,

… but I was able to flip north with south and east with west, by unscrewing the actuators, and moving them to the other side, all by myself with a Philips head screwdriver… It got like a little traffic jam where one of the 4 directions was extra hard to get in there. But once you get the settled it works.

It looks messier than it is, becuase it looks like a freeway cloverleaf in the middle of the joystick. I was afraid it was causing problems, so I wnet on Test mode with Ken and did repeated Dragon Punch testing. Left handed I could only pull off 3 in a row, but I was able to do 20 in a row from standing. Then I tried harder situations, like jump-back dragon punch, high block/walk back dragon punch, low block dragon puches, walk forward dragon punches, all I was able to do 10 tiems in a row without misfiring.

Then the final test, I challenged a default level 4 computer in Ultra Street Fighter 2 Final Challengers as Ken. Beat level 4 with one credit, including 6 perfect rounds. I think I perfected Balrog the Boxer (not to be confused with Balrog the Masked Acrobat in certain other regions, all to avoid a lawsuit form Mike Tyson.) and double perfected another character on that run.

I guess if I was worried about the wires coming in the way of causing actuation problems hurting my perfromance, it didn’t. It just looks messy under the hood. But it should get a bonus rating for “easier off-the-shelf sinister stick mod.”

All other joysticks, because it’s curved for right handed buttons with a “frown”, but turned 180 degrees is a “smile”, whihc is the oponent’s smaile saying you’l take your eyes off the screen and on the stick to find the button, and that’s when I’ll get you. The “Poker Face”: symmetric design makes for good righthanding.

As for adapters, I’ve got adapters for Dreamcast, GameCube, Wii Classic, 360, Xbox One, Wii U Classic, PS3, and Switch using the Gamecube mode and the official Wii U Game Cube Port Adapter on the Switch. No problems with any of them, except a button mapping problem on the Switch, where I have to find the perfect Street Fighter arrangement of punches over kicks, index-quick to pinky-consumable. Luckily the Switch has a Memory.

I’m planning to go back and get OLDER than PS2 adaptors, which have less compatibility issues with joysticks than going forwards. Off to Tototek,(for SNES, Genesis, and TG16) Raphnet, (for N64, NES, and Saturn) and Edladdin (for the 7800, and MAYBE, if it’s easy enough a job, Bally Astrocade, I heard the Astrocade is just a pin swap of the Atari 2600, which both Genesis and and Colecoviison default to 2600 in incompatible consoles, and either the colecoviiosn board hooked up to a DB25, if he’s willing to do the work)

I guess I can find someone to padhack Atari Jaguar (luckilyPro controllers can be wired witha standard controller using the number keys) and 3DO well enough (I need the daisy chain not present on the ToToTek adapter). I guess I can get someone to padhack a Colecovision Standard (if Qberts Qubes and Activision Decathlon have these Super Action errors due to the 2 extra buttons and NOT due the spinner, which is lacking on Edladdin’s board.) Finally I’ll need a separate wiring for the Atari 5200, and Intellivision becuase a) the 5200 is default analog so needs analog/digital conversion for digital games) and b) Intellivision actually has 16 separate individual actuators for a 16-way stick. I doubt a 16-way specific game swould be enhanced by a 16-wy specific stick, but most games should play just as well in 8 way mode, but remember North East is a separate actuator not North + East simultaneously.

Luckily A lot of people recommend the guy I’ll use. He’s so busy that the only jobs worth is limited free time are these Analog Digitalizations. Because he does what no one else does. His web name is Gummowned. His real last name is some Eastern European last name I have to research to find, and it’s just hard for you to say it as it is him hearing the butchered attempts, so commonly, for everyone’s sake except the law, he Americanizes it to “Matthew Gummo”


I don’t consider making a right handed stick a criteria.
It’s not a very common mod at all.

For those who didn’t know, All commercial joysticks are actually left handed.


Which razer did you get?



Forgive my impertinence,
I’m stuck between getting the TE2+, Razer Partners or the Qanba Obsidian.
The Obsidian seems not to have a touch pad.
What are your opinions?


The Obsidian has a touch pad.


How rare and expensive is this stick?.
Idk it just looks amazing imo, and I might try to get one in a few weeks.
Or any sticks that use a similar type of body