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It’s probably one of the rarer TE/TES out there. I know there was one on eBay like a week ago, I think it sold for like $75. I wouldn’t say it’s expensive, just hard to come by.


Speaking of rare TEs, I have been looking for an XBOX One arcade stick and haven’t been able to find a TE2 for a reasonable price, even on eBay and NewEgg. And all the poor reviews for the Atrox/Panthera have me skeptical.
Finding a PS4 stick isn’t difficult, seeing as there are more options.


I know it’s not a common mod. Most people prefer left handed, or just accept and not question it, becuase the issue isn’t usually brought up, because there are no off-the-shelf options since the NEC-authorized Beeshu Turbo Grafx 16 Stick. (Maybe the 3 Button Sega-authroized Beeshu Genesis Gizmo was newer, but that’s literally it.)

And you have to admit, simple remapping gives you awkward contour and arrangement problems causes worse problems than left-handedness, like missing your attack button blind or taking your eyes off the screen to see where your button is.

Most people say if you want a right handed joystick, build it from scratch. But if one is insistent on a right handed stick, and it’s BOTH too expensive to hire someone AND you’re no good at shopwork yourself, this is probably the best option for people who want an off-the-shelf rightie stick. If you can screw a Philips Head Screwdriver and yank off and push back in Quick Connects just once, then you can do it. I even had problems when the old connectors somehow caught, then I just paid a repairman $10 and in 5 minutes he fixed it with a couple special tools for hard to fiddle with connectors.

Add to the fact that it’s a PS2 stick and works with MANY consoles both BEFORE and AFTER the PS2, it should be handy in about 90+% of games you want to play with a joystick, and most of the -10% of the games will STILL work if you use the options menu. And most of your compatibility ratings say, depending on which of the 3 models you can can be anywhere from excellently compatible to universally compatible, it’s no wonder they’re going so High on Ebay.

And I only paid $20 during the Xbox 360 Era at a Record Exchange in Medina Ohio.

But you have to admit, if righthanding is a criteria, this solves most o e issues with right-hand modding an off the shelf stick.


Hori rap v or N for xbox one work very well, although they use hori hayabusa parts, but they are very easy to replace and upgrade.


I don’t see any information about the Street Fighter X tekken TE pro.

Just says madcatz TE round one or two. No where on my box does my stick say its round one or two.


It’s a “Fight Stick Pro” not a TE.


There never been a Street Fighter X Tekken TE.
It’s the Fight Stick Pro.

Technically there is no “Round 1 stick ether” it’s the colloquial term fans came up with to discuss the first generation Mad Catz TE.
Odds are If you are buying a New in the box Mad Catz stick is nether the round 1 or 2 stick.
Not all Mad Catz sticks are a TE.