What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Most friendly to mod would be (in no particular order) is the Mad Catz TE series, the V.S. and the Razer Atrox.
All have easy access screws and are relatively easy to do top panel art swaps and changing out the buttons and their mapping ect.

Hmm. Looking back on the Hori DOA5 stick, it seems to be all-Sanwa according to reviews. I gather it’s identical to the Soul Calibur V stick, but this one’s selling on Amazon for less. I could use the Soul Calibur V template on Art’s Hobbies and just replace the DOA5 artwork with my own and enjoy that for a while. Has anyone used these sticks?

EDIT - Looks like I’d have to request the Astro City layout; the SCV stick’s a bit different after all.

Soo, this stick: Qanba Q4 White Cloud SA. It’s pretty much the same as your normal Q4RAF, right? Just to make sure.

Yes, it just looks like you just get an extra balltop & shaft cover.

@Aristo - That is correct… The Hori and DOA5 sticks are technically identical, but differ in panel layout. The SCV stick uses the NAMCO “Noir” layout.

http://ontario.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=447955756&MessageId=MSG.VIEW_AD.REPLY_TO_AD_SENT&backToSearchUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fontario.kijiji.ca%2Ff-fightstick-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZfightstickQQisSearchFormZtrue&ilIds=504521564%2C503628298%2C503289398%2C449978362%2C503202021%2C503202251%2C503202472%2C503202734%2C502978490%2C502971051%2C502031701%2C502553535%2C447955756%2C501368207%2C500948170%2C500879539%2C500597897%2C500136466%2C500011482%2C481846621&ilNext=2&ilPrev=-1&ilProvider=SearchIdListProvider&ilqcCatId=0&ilqcKeyword=fightstick&mpname=R2S&mpname=Activity-R2S&mpuid=1700273%3B15%3B447955756%3B-1178009919%3B%3B&secev=AQAAAT%2FdDT4AAM0AAAACACIxM2ZlZTE4OTBkZC5hMjBiMjY1LjI1YjI3LmZmZmNlNDg0AAAAABqzQywBAAAAAgAAAAAF9eEA0LIhHkOc7TOfjN4W3So3hfJ068Y* Is this a good deal?

Depends how the dual mod was done and if it’s stable. Ask for some pics of the insides.

Just for Full Sanwa, NO. if it was Dual-Moded on top pf that maybe it if was a done well.

I got him for 90, he said he brought it to a local modder to put the parts in and dual mod, would you pay for this?

The inability to pause the game in Street Fighter II SCE with a standard pad was what got me to buy a six-button Genesis pad, no lie. I just wanted to use the toilet when playing Arcade Mode, that’s all.

Apologies for replying to an older post; it’s just that this brought up a funny memory.

I see no mention of the method used to dual-mod this stick. Like, did the guy solder a Cerberus board to a 360 SE’s PCB? Did he replace the PCB outright with a Paewang Revolution or a PS360+? Without knowing what the guy did, I can’t really recommend plunking the cash down.

Regardless, I think that modded sticks like this are outside the scope of this thread.

I saw this stick on AS the other day and I’m thinking it’s the HORI SCV stick with a different design and for PS3…Is this logical?

Tough decisions:
I have a stick collection going, but not sure if I should get more with the looming next-gen consoles…
I have now seen the Razer Atrox which looks nice, though I am wondering if it is too boxy. The sides look to have the ability to scratch your forearms if you lean them on the case.
Otherwise, I dig it.
I am VERY curious about the ETokki sticks. I’d like to get the Crown/Fanta stick with Sanwa buttons.
I’m still trying to get my hands on a VS MCZ stick and the Silent Hits look great.
Lastly, I am in love with the design of the EightArc Fusion Synthesis. I’d want to mod it with a more reliable PCB though, which I’m sure I could find someone in the area to get it done.

If anyone has experience using the Atrox (–J Wong and PR Rog used them at EVO, so they must not be that bad), ETokki, and the VS Silent Hit sticks, let me know what you liked and did not like about them. I have looked at the Atrox thread and some sick mods have been done. I’m really impressed, as far as one can be without having hands on experience.

I have to ask MarkMan when they are getting more MCZ Silent Hit VS sticks, but I do want at least one of the VS sticks (SFxT or SH or both). I have a dual modded stick already, but it’s my first and I am not sure of who exactly did the mod.

I guess I am looking to try new/different sticks/set-ups to find one that I like and works best for me.

I just want to say thank you to everyone responding to questions on this thread, particularly Darksakul who seems to answer the same questions on every other page. Watching some of the EVO matches got me interested in trying SFIV again, and after playing the SF series on gamepads for 20 years, a friend convinced me to buy a stick. (Incidentally, this seems to be the absolute worst time to buy a stick in the last 12 months, I just missed all the promos.)

After reading every single page of this thread, as well as probably 100+ more on other threads here, I narrowed it down to the SCV Soul and the SFxT Pro (both $100 on Amazon), and ended up going for the SCV due to a more standard case and the Noir layout, which I believe will be more comfortable for my hands. Really looking forward to it arriving on Tuesday!

I know it’s probably a pain to keep posting similar replies on this thread, but the answers were invaluable to me in making a decision regarding which stick to buy. Thanks again guys, this is a great community!

Hello everybody I’m new to fighting games and as you probably can figure since I’m in this thread I’m looking for an arcade stick. Since I’m new to fighting games and don’t know how serious I am about it yet I’m looking for a cheap stick. The Hori fighting stick V3 is the one my eyes are set on at the moment, but I have a few questions regarding it. How does it work on PC? Is it just plugnplay or do I need to configure a bunch of stuff and download drivers and so on. I’ve heard about people who have had problems getting this stick to work with some games, although some say it works just fine. How does it work only having 6 buttons? I didn’t think of this at first but my friend who already has a stick pointed it out to me. Isn’t ultras hard to do? He said they were, but maybe he’s not just used to it. I don’t know, you tell me. Is that stick better than http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Arcade-Fighting-Joystick-Playstation-3/dp/B0015PHMFU. It’s the one one of my friends have and he bought that one for the same price I’ll get the Hori fighting stick V3 for.

Thanks to this thread I picked up the MadCatz SFxT Pro stick for the 360. Loving the feel of this stick. It’s way less clunky than the HORI SCV. After I get it modded to my visual liking… should be one hell of a stick.

If anyone has experience using the Atrox, ETokki, and the VS Silent Hit sticks, let me know what you liked and did not like about them.
I have looked at the Atrox thread and some sick mods have been done. I’m really impressed, as far as one can be without having hands on experience.
Seems like we’ll be waiting on the VS SH stick since it’s been out of stock ever since EVO, understandably.

I value the opinions and advice given here, so I am looking for criticism on what stick to buy…
Here are my options:
Razer Atrox
8Arc Fusion Synthesis
A Dual Modded MCZ VS Stick
ETokki- Korean Parts (Emailed them and they couldn’t do the hybrid of korean Stick and Sanwa buttons presently)

I’m leaning toward the Atrox, though I still want a VS stick badly and curiousity abounds on the ETokki stick. I’m not really concerned with art and “swag” mods yet, and I am looking to have a few quality sticks in case one needs repair, I have another and to learn the differences between sticks.

Thanks for any advice in advance, and pardon my somewhat duplicated post… I just thought no one noticed I was asking for advice…

Might be able to grab either a MadCatz MLG (like new), TE Round2 (used), or SFxT PRO line (used) for $80 or less shipped.

Should I pull the trigger, and if so, on which? I was going to grab the PRO until the other two popped up. This will be my first stick entirely, switching from my 360 controller that I use on my PC.

I think the TE Round2 is to prefer over the SFxT, but I’m no expert. I mainly just wanted to ask; where did you find these nice deals?

I’ve narrowed it down…
I’m looking at the SFxT VS MCZ OR the Razer Atrox. Tough call. The Atrox is mod-ready (though the PCB takes a little bit of work to get to) and comes with the bat top. The MCZ is wider, perhaps sturdier and I’ve had my eye on it for a while.
Which would you all choose?

Well, the easier dual mod is the VS, given that it’s fully Cerberus compatible - and you can’t deny that the construction is solid and the temptation to buy two and join them together is almost too hard to resist… On the other hand, if you like the easy access that the top panel provides, not to mention the ease of replacing artwork, the Atrox might be your preferred choice, even if dual modding it will be a little more involved.

Tough Call there.