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The temptation to join two VS sticks together should not be resisted. It’s only natural.

Hello everyone, I’m a casual fighting gamer. I play street fighter and some other fighting games mostly local whit friends. My xbox controler is wearing out and I was thinking about investing in a fighting stick. I need something that works on xbox and pc. I’m willing to modify it if it needs to, I think it sounds like a fun project. I live in Sweden and its been hard finding fighting sticks thats not overpriced or has huge shipping costs so if anyone has any tips for a european that would be great!

**Budget: ** As cheap as possible. I want something that wont break easy and works fine but I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it right now.

Want: I’ve been looking at the WWE All Stars Brawl Stick and Fighting Stick VX but even they seems a bit expensive right know. I’ve heard people getting the All star one for about 30 dollars but its more than double that on amazon right now, not inculding shipping.

Thanks in advance!

I hate to be a stick in the mud, but arcade sticks do have a high entry cost for a reason. quality parts do not come cheap.
if the Mad Catz WWE Brawl and Hori VX is a bit pricy for you, you might either have to sit this one out or start saving up.

Please keep in mind alot of 3rd party sellers on Amazon and eBay are making huge markups compared to the sticks actual value. Beware of those who will price gouge you.
I say the minimum a Quality premium stick goes for is about $150, but they can go as cheap as $80 to $100 with various sales and promotions. Mad Catz just had a excellent sale on their sticks at time of Evo, even this this is over your budget.
Anything that goes cheaper that the WWE Brawl and Hori VX sticks are to be avoided.

Start saving up money is the only realistic solution.

Alright, appreciate the honesty. I’ll guese I have to buy a a new xbox controler for the time and start saving. :slight_smile:

So, got myself the WWE stick, and I’ve got the same problem as [this fellow](WWE Brawl Stick - Impossible inputs and USB problems Anyone have any ideas that I can resort to, before simply returning this and giving up on actually getting into Fighting Games(as I’m not gonna drop $200 for a stick without a 100% guarantee it is going to work)?’

Edit: It should be added, that mine doesn’t flash consistently like his- it flashes once when I plug it in, then doesn’t flash again for anything, including hookers. The OS reads it as an “Unspecified Device”, which has no drivers. It recognizes it’s a “Mad Catz Brawlstick”, but nothing beyond that.

I ended up getting two of each model plus the V.S connection kit!
(And the SSF4AE + SFXT games for windows)


It set me back ~$576
(plus ~$35 for the games)

What version you have the PS3 or Xbox 360? The PS3 version of some Mad Catz Sticks have issues working on PCs with certain motherboards.

Xbox 360. But be warned, anyone who gets this stick:

I was watching Netflix last night, bored, connecting and disconnecting the USB over and over again for probably 15 minutes straight.

Suddenly, it worked.


I’ve just installed SSF4AE on Windows 7 and tried using the PS3 VS stick with it and it doesn’t respond.
The stick does show on Windows Devices and seem to respond fine there. It also did work before on SF4.
What gives? Can anyone help?

Never mind. I just had to configure each button inside the game, and I didn’t see the stick in the settings screen before.
It’s weird though, since I didn’t have to do it in SF4 and also, in SSF4AE the game does not recognize the stick itself in DP mode even in the settings screen, while in SF4 it works.

Now I have another question:
There are 3 more functions in the game than buttons on the stick.
What’s the default button configuration?
From what I know, the layout should be:


And that leaves me with no buttons for THROW, FOCUS ATTACK and PERSONAL ACTION.


I think I got it, but I’m not sure so correct me if I’m wrong:
THROW, FOCUS ATTACK and PERSONAL ACTION are just shortcuts for LP+LK, MP+MK and HP+HK respectively, and the default layout indeed does not have them assigned and the layout I’ve wrote in the 1st edit is the correct one.
By “default layout” I mean the way it is on the original arcade version (and probably how it is by default on the PS3/Xbox360).

After logging in Windows Live and updating to SSF4AE ver. 2012 the game recognizes the stick in DP mode and has a default mapping without me having to do it manually.
I still think it’s weird how it was before updating, since it was already like it is now on an un-updated SF4.

I’m curious, why do you say Ps3 stick works better on pc? Most games are set up for a 360 controller so you usually don’t have to map anything with the 360 stick as you do with ps3 sticks.

Hello again, I have stumbeled upon a quite cheap SF4 Standard edition stick. However it says it has a defect LB button. Would this be fixed by replacing the buttons or could it be a problem whit the PCB? He says in the add that “it’s no often the LB button works but someone might be able to fix it”. Is it worth the risk if I’m planning on replacing the buttons?

Thanks in advance!

The Hori Fighting Stick V3 should be plug-and-play, working as a generic HID controller. If it isn’t, I’d probably suggest looking into the MotioninJoy driver. I’m not the biggest fan of the driver, but a lot of people seem to swear by it.

The stick works just fine with “only” six face buttons. It’s how people played Street Fighter and whatnot in the arcades, y’know. You’ll still have your L1 and L2 buttons on the turbo panel, in case you run into a game that uses them for more than just macros. Now, I want to say that Ultras will take some practice, but really, it’s easier to hit all three punch / kick buttons on an arcade stick than it is on a gamepad. I’d say practice a bit on a friend’s stick or so; try and get used to pressing all three buttons at the same time and whatnot.

One question: Aside from PC gaming, are you planning on using it for PS2 games, on an actual PS2? If so, then hell, go nuts.

Other than that, if you and your group of friends also play on PS3s, I’d probably steer you toward the Fighting Stick V3.

PS3 supports generic HID style input control, so most PS3 PCBs implement using a generic HID compliant protocol that works on PCs without needing special drivers (with notable exceptions having to do with USB standards and Intel vs. AMD CPUs that would bore you).

Xbox360 stick controllers WILL need drivers to work on PC. The generic Xbox360 controller PC drivers may or may not work, they aren’t 100% and can be tricky/troublesome to correct if they are not behaving.

In general that is why PS3 pcbs will be preferred over Xbox 360 for PC compatibility.

Either the microswitch in button is broken or there is wiring issue with the button. Might be a contact problem on the pcb side. If you buy it, it’d but up to you to troubleshoot it so just consider how much effort you want to put in.

Might be a good opportunity to learn and get comfortable with that stuff as it’s unlikely to be a PCB issue if everything else works.

Personal preference, nothing more. I do not like how the Xbox 360 controllers treat the analog triggers in most PC games.

Next time, please take your technical problems to the following thread.

More people frequine that thread for peoples problems or questions than they do in this thread.

Hello everyone , i want to buy a stick for SSFIV Arcade Edition , average player , and im thinking on this arcade fight stick http://www.amazon.com/PC-JoyStick-Controller-PlayStation-2-3/dp/B002Q2PUAK/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1375093291&sr=8-17&keywords=aRCADE+fIGHT+sTICK , i want some opinions about that stick .

For PS3 .

I don’t know if it’s important for you, but the button layout on this stick is Namco/Sega and not Vewlix/Capcom like it is on the SSF4AE (Vewlix) arcade cabinets.
Also, I don’t think the parts are sanwa or seimitsu.
I think the two best things about this stick are the price and the fact that it also works on PS2 (I don’t know if it’s important to you).
You’re probably better off getting a stick with sanwa parts.

Not worth it.

My budget go around on 99 dollar or ueros , this is maximum i can afford it.