What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Or even this stick , ive heard its easyer to mod whit even better pusshbutons ( sorry for my english its not my native language) http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-WWE-Stars-Brawl-Stick-3/dp/B004M25NNQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1375106230&sr=8-4&keywords=arcade+stick+ps3 , i want some of these because i love fighting games a lot especialy Street Fighter , remeber from childhood , on cabinets .

Get the WWE Brawl stick then. its within your budget and its very close to what the arcade has.
Also authentic parts are drop in replacement for that stick.

Thank you , the art work doesnt matter , because i make on my own an art custom cover. For cover what to use ? plexi ?

There no way to make plexy work with the bend in the top panel.

You have to either laminate your art or go for a vinyl print.

Ok thanks.

So I’m thinking of getting the Soul Edition stick for PS3, it’s only $125CDN shipped.

I only just got SSF4AE so I can learn fighting games. This stick seems the be the cheapest I can find for a tournament edition.

The obvious issue is that the buttons are laid out differently than the usual. Is using the default layout good for SF4? If not I can just remap the buttons in-game I guess.

At some point I’d want to change the art. I found that plexi-cover site (though not sure the difference of the full cover is) and am happy they can etch the button symbols in the normal layout. That leaves the question, are the wires or something labelled with which is which button inside? Would I have to label them with a quick piece of white tape on the wires inside before re-organizing?

I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself, thinking about all this before I’ve even really played SF4 much, but this is the kind of thinking/buying I do when I want to get into something. My experience with fighting games is pretty much learning a combo to spam at a friend’s house then mashing the rest while attempting to block a bit. Pretty much the same whenever I play arcade versions alone or with friends.

@Portaljacker - I know that the XBox360 version has a distribution block, like so:

(From my SCV for 360) I see no reason why the PS3 version wouldn’t have a similar block… Anyway, each button has its own colored pair of wires, so you should be able to jot them down before disconnecting them.

As for the full plexi, it covers the entire top face of stick, so you’d have to remove the bezel before installing it. The regular plexi keeps the SCV bezel (or any standard TE bezel, available in several colors from the MCZ website) intact.

Good to know! Also as a note I’m from Canada, so that factors in to my decisions quite a bit. Haven’t had much luck finding any TE stuff besides that at a decent price (including shipping of course).

You can open up your stick from the top using a 3mm hex key so you don’t void the warranty, then swap the quick disconnects around.

Alternatively re-map the buttons in game.

I’ll probably just remap for now, then when I end up getting the plexi-cover I’ll have the normal layout etched in the plastic, then move the wires around.

I just went to 3 locations of a local game chain and they were all closed, they were my last chance to find a TE stick locally I assume. I’d think in Montreal there’d be more but oh well, I guess not.

The hard part is finding a decent priced TE stick that also is still decently priced with shipping to Canada. So far this Soul Edition stick for $125 shipped is the best. Anyone else have any ideas?

Edit: Also figuring out what art I want to put in there is gonna be so hard! Plus finding art that scales right or fits the templates from Art’s site. Is there somewhere on the site for asking people if they could set up the image file and such for me? Or is there some sort of listing of art that fits specific templates? Looking at the official art thread people post cropped/resized versions and don’t tend to say what stick layout it’s for. If I get the SCV stick this will be kind of important since it has the same size as the other TE sticks but the layout makes the templates incompatible. Any tips on finding appropriately sized artwork? (yes I know these are a ton of questions, I’m just covering all the ways I could get art for my future stick when the time comes)

Edit 2: How visible would the etched button icons be? From the shots it looks like they’d look as if they were painted under the panel in white.

When you’re ready to order the plexi, just specify the TTT2 etching layout option, since you plan on rearranging the buttons. That stick has the standard button arrangement.

I’m not sure if Mad Catz’s US sales apply in Canada as well, but I’ve picked up 2 SCV sticks from the Mad Catz store on two different occasions (weekend sales during Road to EVO events) for $80 each, just over $100 shipped. Keeping an eye out for major tournaments sponsored by Mad Catz here on SRK is one way to find out about the sales and promo codes you can use on the site at checkout during those sales. MarkMan is usually really good about getting the word out.

I found out that they had another sale this past weekend during the Video XGames, which they sponsored… I wish I knew about it, but then again, if I got yet another stick in such a short time, my wife would probably divorce me, lol.

I know! I missed that sale by a few days! But it’ll probably be a while before the next sale/tournament they have a sale for, right?

I never even bothered to ask. Is it a good idea to get a stick when I’m just starting to learn? Should I stick to the PS3 controller for now then move up when I have it down? I guess it makes no difference since I’d have to relearn muscle movement for the stick either way. Is it recommended to switch between stick and controller, or stick to one? (Since some events like anime conventions just have controllers for free play and such) Though I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to apply the skills from one control method to the other.

Entirely up to you. For instance Tekken is the only fighting game I prefer using a Playstation pad for, all the rest I prefer stick.

Makes sense I guess. I was playing SF4AE for the first time yesterday and I tried the analog stick but the placement was annoying so I ended up using the d-pad, though I bet if it were a 360 controller I’d have felt the opposite. Whereas in a shooter or action game the placement of the stick isn’t a problem, though I guess because both thumbs are level, though that’s never been an issue on the 360 pad.

I don’t think I had any other questions to be answered, besides other options of course, though this seems to be my best. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh ya, my rambling art questions and of course the most important: how visible the etchings are.

Regardless of whether you practice on a controller or stick, there’s still some muscle memory involved, so even if you learn to play a game and your character(s) of choice, you will still have a bit of a learning curve to get used to the stick.

I’ve been playing with a Fightstick for a few months now, and I’m just starting to hit the combos I have learned with good consistency. It takes practice. I’ve read that quite a few number of people struggle with a stick… but for me, once I got over that hump, I’ve come to appreciate that I can use my hands instead of just my thumbs… Not to mention a more accurate arcade experience! :slight_smile:

That’s why I want it. Love playing at arcades, even when I’m mashing it just feels better, now I want to get actual skill.

The main reason I ask about switching is for when I would want to play with a friend not at my house, and not have to lug an arcade stick around. I mean I could always get a smaller one, but not sure how much the quality would suffer.

I just found an item. But I’m hesitant to post it in case someone buys it first, but here goes. Is this item a good purchase instead of the SCV stick? The pricing seems off but the store seems to sell old electronics so they seem to have no clue.

Sorry for the mobile link and please don’t buy it since that’s kind of mean.

buy it… hope its legit… thats great if you can get it for that…

I’m assuming it’s newer than the ones that had problems right? I remember reading something about older TEs having issues.

Also I’m sure this is nodded in more ways than just the buttons and art.