What stick for BlazBlue?


Hi guys,

I just got BB, and I’m having an enormously difficult time with even simple stuff like iAD.
I think it’s because of my stick, a Seimitsu LS-33 (spring mod) - it’s very hard to do 77_99 because of the short shaft.

Do you think I should just stick a battop on it, or move to Sanwa JLF/other Seimitsu?


I played BB on a Happ stick with a tighter spring for the first time this weekend, I really liked it. I think the quick return to neutral really helped with IAD, dashing into 22A, etc.

Just personal opinion maybe, I know a lot of people don’t enjoy Happ sticks.


Ive been using my SF4 stick and pad. I like the stick but seem to be able to loop combos better with the pad hmmmm


100% preference. Please use Q&A for general questions like this next time. Thanks.