What stick is this?

Kinda fanboy question but bear with me :slight_smile: Anybody know what kind of stick Daigo Umehara uses? I came across this vid on youtube and I’ve seen other vids and his execution is just so flawless. I know he practices a LOT and that comes from many years of experience but i was curious if maybe his hardware might facilitate his execution to be a LITTLE more precise :slight_smile: Anyway here’s the vid:


Is that a standard Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y or Seimitsu LS-32? I know it’s probably hard to tell from that vid but I know some other Daigo fanboy out there must know what kinda stick he uses and would just LOVE to tell me :wink:

That’s an odd question because Daigo is an arcade player. There is no stick that “he uses.” In that video the colours looks like a Sanwa JLF, but I forget what Seimitsu green looks like. Also, wasn’t that stick provided for him by the Evo staff? If so, then it’s not as if he favours it in particular. At SBO3 he beat KO to win the tournament, and I believe 3S has always been on Seimitsu LS-32 sticks at SBO.

Can’t go wrong with either stick. Some day you’ll look back and laugh at how lame this question is, not only because practicing on a certain kind of stick for a long time will make anybody’s execution good, but that’s not really what Daigo is known for to begin with.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: I know he’s an arcade player… It’s not like he doesn’t play home versions and have his own personal stick. I don’t know if that stick was provided by evo staff either. I won’t look back and think my question is lame because if I don’t know something I ask. That’s like saying “If you look back at when you were in 2nd grade and asked the teacher whats 2+2, you were dumb” You just simply DIDNT know and wanted to know :slight_smile: I’m not being hostile just defending myself :slight_smile: Thanks for the info about SBO using LS-32’s for 3s. I currently have a JLF and havent tried an LS-32 yet but I want to do a little research on it before i buy one. There’s a reason why a major tournament would choose one stick over another. Also to say that practicing on a certain stick doesnt really make your execution better i think is wrong. Take this example: A Japanese player plays on Sanwa JLF sticks his whole life (ball top, lighter spring, shorter throw,etc) and then comes to america for a tourney and they only have Happ sticks with hard springs, bat tops, and longer throw. Do you really think the difference in sticks will have NO effect on his execution? I think it would

i’m not sure if that reply was really a jd…


lol you lil nerd.

If you want an opinion on a LS-32, know that its badass and worth the money, though there is an adjustment period.

Easy there slugger. I think you took that looking back statement a little out of context.

For the record, SBO doesn’t use LS-32s for every game, the trend I’ve noticed is that it’s just for SF games. And that last part isn’t what I suggested. Being capable of playing well on a stick due to practice, and using one for years then switching to a completely different type for one tournament is an entirely different scenario. He’ll play worse because he never uses that stick, not because it’s an inferior product (though it arguably is but top player performance usually disproves that).