What stick should i get based on the restrictions within:


torn between qanba , hit box, waiting for the new TE2 stick, or getting a used on on ebay/local.

-currently want to play usf4 on steam, various ones on ggpo/fightcade, and possible others on 360
-when sf5 comes out lots of ps4

will pay extra for quality, sick of having lots of cheap laggy sticks that keep breaking

i only play a few ‘semi seriously’ but when it comes to casual play i do everything from P4 to 3s to tekken to KI, so multi-game adaptability would be great. are there any good sticks that work with both ps4 AND 360 AND pc? i didnt think this was possible. if its only 2 of those three ill opt for ps4 and pc.

SIDE NOTE: thoughts on the hit box for learning? i never put much time into sticks and suck at them, but am afraid if i work on the hit box ill never overcome that barrier . in principle i love the idea of only digital buttons

thanks for your expert opinions guys


TE2 or Hori HRAP 4.

Those are your two only options for a ps3/ps4 stick without any modding done, don’t bother with anything else unless you are dropping major $$$ for quad modded sticks.

I have two TE2’s and a hori hrap 4 and would suggest the HRAP 4 over the TE2 since it provides the most value while the TE2 does not ( crappy plexi; need to replace or suffer).

But if you like easy modding and freshen up the artwork on your stick with literally no effort then the TE2 is your best bet.

PC and PS4/PS3 is all you really need especially for this generation.


yea im going to stay away from modding until i get more into it to justify the cost. PC/PS4 sounds fine, no need for the ps3 compatibility.

also any data on the HRAP 4’s lag specifically? none i can find on teyah.net, the only HRAP on there is F tier


Unless you’re going to be using a CRT for your PC and console because the best gaming monitors at 10ms are laggy for you, you’re not going to notice any difference between PS4 sticks.


i do use CRT for some games on 360 (also have a monitor for PC somewhere) but in the grand scheme of things i concede the point @Tensho


this sort of flick through neutral looks pretty annoying on the hrap4 :\ does it stop happening once broken in? @kogyaru


[quote=“1l1anh, post:6, topic:175870”]

this sort of flick through neutral looks pretty annoying on the hrap4 :\ does it stop happening once broken in? @kogyaru


that’s the hayabusa stick it’s still a square gate but has a more tighter feel than the normal sanwa stick it’s all preference really

it’s ps3/ps4 the drivers work on pc

as for latency lag you see pro players using te2s everywhere and they don’t ewen compare to the ps360+ pcb ( which is the fastest from what i’ve seen) it doesn’t really matter you’ll be fine with the TE2 or HRAP4

you can always replace the hayabusa stick with a sanwa stick the flick doesn’t bother me


Where is local for you? Depending on where you live you may have some sticks readily available that are harder to find elsewhere.

Assuming you live in the continental US, I’d recommend getting a 360 Hori Soul Calibur V stick + Hori Fighting Commander 4 for a dual mod. It’s just about $200 total, with the only other thing you’d need being a Toodles IMP. The FC4 is probably the easiest padhack there is, so I wouldn’t worry about screwing it up.


[quote=“kogyaru, post:7, topic:175870”]

im in nyc area, @quashpdarkman do you mean this stick ?

besides the 360 compatibility are there any benefits over these two? ie better parts / latency



tbh im way too inexperienced / lazy to dual mod anything but if there is someone in the area that you can refer me too id give it a shot if it costs about same
(ps is there any real difference between the two madcatz i linked besides appearance? doesnt seem so, but the ps4 one may be older with worse hardware?)
thanks for putting up with my questions youve been super helpful @kogyaru


That is the one. It’s very well built and easy to mod. Comes with Sanwa parts instead of the new line of Hori parts, which I think is better if you’re just learning to use a stick.

It hasn’t been measured for lag yet (at least as far as I know), but Hori’s 360 sticks are all good in this regard. It’s also a common ground PCB which makes dual modding it much easier than it would be otherwise.

I actually like the TE2 quite a bit. I’m not normally a fan of MadCatz designs, but they have learned from their mistakes over the years and it shows in the TE2.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with either, it’s just that it’s an easier dual mod if you get a 360 stick and use the FC4 PCB than if you were to get a PS4 stick and use a comparably sized 360 PCB like the RockCandy controller.

Dual modding common ground PCB’s is really not that hard. You trace the wires to their respective spots on the PCB (which are usually labeled), solder an additional wire per button to a switching PCB like the Toodles IMP, then solder wires from the corresponding points on the second PCB to the points on the IMP.

The FC4 has huge contact areas for its buttons, which makes soldering to them incredibly easy. To mount it, you can just use some velcro on the underside or find a place inside the stick it’ll screw into.


very thorough, thank you so much for the info. il decide between the te2 and dual mod 360 stick later tonight!