What sticks do you use?

I just started playing 3s seriously and my Mas stick, while fine
for Marvel, just doesn’t feel right when playing 3s. It may be the size
of the stick i don’t know but double fireball motions seem harder than
they should be on a Mas.
So the question is: what kind of sticks do the majority of 3s players use?

I use a custom HAPP button/stick one that I bought off eBay, made by Nightwalker. Works fine for me, not the best out there but just fine.

Hori T5 stick, nice shit.

Custom w/ Sanwa JLF + Sanwa buttons at home. Same at the arcades, but despite being the same stick, the feel varies because of overuse. Sometimes stiff, inaccurate directions, etc. Aside from that, I prefer playing at the arcade.

I personally prefer a Sanwa stick with a square gate. You might have trouble adjusting if you use a MAS normally, though; Sanwa sticks are nowhere near as tight.

I don’t play marvel, but I really hate mas sticks. T5 hori is cheap and good quality. Can also go with a nubytech and put happ parts in it.

I have a custom one, but reccomend HRAP for 3s.

I play on a custom 360 and have no problems what so ever. Theres no such thing as a better stick when it comes to 3s. The better stick is what you feel most comfortable with and as long as it works.


Thats 100% solid truth right there.

SFAC stick is pretty nice.

I’m still trying to decide what to use. I’m not sure if I’ll like the lack of stiffness in Sanwa sticks, but I assume it’s very smooth, rather than a loose feeling?

i prefer HRAP or custom sanwa for 3s, feels loose but everything comes out smooth


HRAP2 with seimitsu stick and seimitsu buttons. The seimitsu stick is fine, the buttons are crap. Whenever I try to kara srk with the seimitsu buttons the tip of my ring finger slides inwards hurting my finger.

seimitsu is slightly concave? i’m thinking sanwa is better for 3s.