What sticks have quick disconnect?


I’m looking for very inexpensive sticks that come with quick disconnects so i can swap for sanwa sticks very easily since i’m not an expert at all this custom building thing. From what i’m seeing all the HRAP and SF IV TE are the only ones that have quick disconnects. Are their are more out there?


madcatz SE also has quick disconnects. cheaper version of the TE but with modding they’ll be up there.

that’s for PS3, xbox360 ones are sold out again (they weren’t 2 hours ago).


So all i have to do to the SE is just swap the sticks and buttons for Sanwa and that’s it? The HRAP3 though has a Sanwa stick so that would just need the buttons only…

Also i have a guy will sell me a empty SE for $45 shipped and i would just have to buy the parts, so how difficult would it be to take the PCB from an old controller i have, and wire everything and what would i need. I’m trying to do as little as possible but if it’s not too complicated i can try doing it myself and save a few bucks.


well if the SE wasn’t empty, yeah all you have to do is swap the stick and buttons but for the empty SE i’m not too sure, thats basically just a case for $45 and you might as well make one and be unique =D.


I don’t have the skills to make one. Yeah it be nice to learn how to do them myself but i just don’t have any wood making skills then you gotta prime, polish, paint, etc… and i just rather get one done already. I think i’m just gonna keep my eyes open on eBay till i find that good deal where i can get it cheap and then buying the parts won’t mount to too much money. Maybe i can get something with Sanwa put in for $100


That’s an awesome idea, if he has any extra cases definitely let me know, i want to make another stick using the case, did he leave the factory buttons in place and all you need to do is add the pcb?


According to what he told me it’s completely empty, u need everything (cables, buttons, sticks, pcb, etc…) all it is, is the case empty. Still i’m interested in it but i don’t wanna buy it and then everything is complicated. I already have a pcb so it would help me save some $$$$ but i’m afraid of the difficulty of wiring and stuff.