What sticks will be available to people playing GGXXand VF4

what sticks will be available to people playing on console

since these games are being played on playstation2s, what sticks will you guys be providing, or do I have to babysit my own?


It’s been said that stick of some nature will be provided. However, I would imagine that many people would much prefer their own, rather than some community bitch stick. =)

bleh, babysitting a MAS isnt fun.

oh well…

I can’t believe GGXX is being played on console and require your own sticks or be forced to use a MAS or pad. I talked with close to a dozen top players from MD/VA and we all decided to cancel our trip to EVO for this reason. How hard would it be to get an arcade version of GGXX just for EVO? I’m sure the Jap competition will be limited due to this reason as well. Boo!:frowning:

Not all people have played XX on arcade. =/ Also the layout is one of the most horrible things ever created. I dont even want to practice on it if i did have a arcade machine by me. Also heres another little nit pick i have about it. It makes some combos really stupid and makes the game feel very unnatural say somethign with ky like…

f+hs, run in duck k, stand s, f+k, duck k, dust, qcf+hs.

man that shit is like memorization. The layout makes stuff feel not right. And stuff doesnt flow correctly anymore.

anyway umm thats just my little opionon on that. But anyway again not everyone has played the game in arcade or have it near them to play in the first place. And the layout is stupid. I play everything else on arcade(except SNK games and XX). SF SC whatever better on arcade but XX is ass on arcade.

Japs only play GGXX on arcade. Regardless of the weird set-up, it’s the way the game was designed to be played. I think everything runs together very well. I think most pad users are just used to “their” button set-up which makes the arcade seem weird. The same way I think anything other than the arcade is weird. It took me forever to learn the correct button set-up but did for the sole purpose of arcade play. Alot of good that did.

I think the real reason is that 80% of GGXX players are pad users and would totally suck if they had to use sticks. We’ve had hundreds of tourneys on just about every game, and GGXX is the only game where the majority of the players have to use pads. Why not have an arcade perfect table setup wired up to playstation schematics for the non-pad players?

It’s real simple.

What’s next? Alpha 3 on pads too?


Originally posted by FINAL SHOWDOWN

You know i think you just cant get used to change but thats ok because while your playing in the tourny on pad someone playing on stick with superior skill will beat you, and i know this cause i used to play on pad and as soon as i learned stick config and started playing more, i got alot better in a short amout of time. So the way i see it is, if i go im going to enjoy beating pad scrubs.
On another note though its ridiculous to call the standard setup which the game desingers intended one of the most horrible things ever created, you just dont want to get used to it! IMO,

are you ready?
Not if your still playing on pad

bring a back pack and put it in that shit


Didnt i say that was only imo? I guess im not allowed to have one huh? I already stated the reason that its on consel is beacuse not everyone has access to the game on arcade. And most tournments are on consel. I dont see why tekken can be on consel and SC can when they are much more distributed then XX.

Also trust me from what ive heard its gonna take a lot more then texas and there sticks to win this tourny.

i never played GGXX on console and when I went into the arcade and tried to play with the button layout I was like man this is crap, i didn’t think switching the punch and kick buttons would make a game horrible but it does to me

Boards for that game aren’t exactly easy to come by. If you know some people, then by all means tell them to bring some boards and tell Inkblot you’re doing so. I’m sure they can help you out. If not, see you next year then.

MD/VA has top players? damn everyone is a XX expert nowadays. Anyway i don’t think japan will care, they actually know the game and don’t need to make excuses. Later.

Dude, you play on console. Why are you trying to act hard for playing “arcade”, when at best you’re playing “arcade style” at home, just like everyone you’re trying to punk?

No even halfway serious player is going to pass on the biggest (and by far best) North American GGXX tournament ever because we don’t have enough of the (incredibly rare) cabinets to run the tournament on arcade equipment in a timely fashion. And has already been noted, a lot of players (for the same reason of poor XX distribution) play primarily on console. No one wants to hear your shit about “but the (bizarre) arcade setup is the way the game was ‘meant’ to be played”. On console, you can keep everyone happy.

This entire discussion is stupid because:

  1. It’s not like arcade cabinet is a real possibility that we’ll do if you just whine loud enough- we don’t have the equipment. Until you can change this, it’s a done deal.

  2. Since point 1) is obvious, this just makes your real purpose here all the clearer- you just like to complain, suck, and probably weren’t coming anyway, but wanted a better excuse than “I’m going to get really embarrassed”, so you’re clinging to some retarded elitism (even though you don’t actually play arcade, making it that much more retarded).

  3. Please don’t pretend to speak for anyone else. Even if you’ve managed to convince some other MD/VA players of your completely retarded position (I don’t see them here), all that means is that they sucked too and didn’t care either (for the above reasons- true players go for the comp). And definitely don’t start talking about this affecting Japanese attendance. Do you know ANY of them? Do you know what you’re talking about AT ALL? The obvious answer is “no”. Why then would you start talking about them? Because you realize that people will see the truth of point 2) (that you suck, and no one cares whether you and your pussy friends come or not (which again is super funny when you realize you’re boycotting a console tournament to stay home and play on console)), and so you pretend that some imaginary japanese guy agrees with your crap, and we WANT them there. Unfortunately, they don’t care- if anything, console also makes it easier to overcome the US/Japanese stick differences that are always such a problem.

So can you shut up now? Thanks in advance.


FMJag and S-Kill - I speak for the majority of the top players up here. They just don’t post on Shoryuken and very rarely do I. I know of 7 players (8 including myself) that definaetly aren’t going for this reason. There are 4-5 others that want to go but won’t go if we don’t. They were the ones that told me they were cancelling because an arcade set-up wasn’t available. I just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in as well. I thought maybe this way the EVO directors might try a little harder to provide an arcade style set-up. Everyone has their opinion.

Final Showdown will verify how many players we have around this area and their skill level. If anyone doubts that, especially the guy from PA, I will bet serious $$$$ on some matches if you think you can handle us. Money won’t be an issue for us. Just make sure you bring enough to cover your bets. Supposedly Fatcat and his crew are the top players in your area (PA) for GGXX. I single handly sweep their entire group with Venom and Potemkin. They weren’t nearly the skill level we have around here. Your more than welcome to swing by.

We all have custom arcade style tables which are 2 feet X 4 feet which can’t be carried on a plane. If EVO will have an arcade perfect table set-up, we will most likely change our minds if it can be arranged in time. Mas sticks just don’t cut it. I don’t like struggling to hold that little thing stationary while I’m trying to play. (that’s just me though). In my opinion, I really don’t think alot of top japanese players are going to come to play GGXX with pads and mas-sticks. (I could be wrong, but I really don’t think the majority will bother)

It’s up to you to decide whether to go or not. If you really think you are that good at XX, turning down the biggest tournament in the nation because the controllers arent exactly how you like them is silly. You won’t always be able to play on your custom tabletop from tomass’s house. Say you went to an arcade tournament, it’s not gonna be the same as that tabletop. There’s currently no standard in arcades anyway (unlike JPN arcades where 95% of them all use the same parts). Your tabletop may be like one or two specific arcade machines, and different from all the rest. It’s just how the USA arcade hardware is. Say you went to a convention, your custom 4 foot stick wont be their either, and most likely not even an arcade setup. The fact of the matter is, GGXX is a console game in America. With probably no more than 30 or so machines across the country, the majority of the players are playing it on console. Also, the majority of the players aren’t playing on a 4 foot custom setup in someones basement that has practially zero possibility for transportation.

The best players will rise to the top at EVO 2003, regardless of whether the tournament is on full arcade, console w/ 4 foot custom setup, or bring your own controller. If you say that traveling out isn’t a matter of money, then you should show up and represent your area on a national level. If not, you really don’t get to talk about how good your area is after the tournament happens.

The games featured on console this year are lucky to be even having a tournament. Obviously the B4-B5-EVO serious was CAPCOM only until this year. We wanted to make it a community wide event. Non Capcom games were added because the availability on the PS2 makes it practical to include. I don’t think you realize how expensive EVO is to run. If you are willing to pay the rental cost on 5 more cabinets, the shipping costs (to and from the location), the hardware (new joysticks and buttons for all 5 cabinents) and secure 5 arcade boards, I’m positive inkblot and co would accept the help.

Until that time, you need to understand that this is the biggest tournament in the history of the USA (for fighting games) and it: a) has a game that you seem to like a lot, b) has a game you think you are good enough to compete in at a national level, c) doesn’t seem to propose a huge financial obstacle to you in regards to attending.

Aside from people realizing that there is finally a national tournament for a game they talk so much about and claim their superiority in… thus they might actually have to prove their talk…

… really, there is no excuse.


Then you are 1) pussies 2) bad for the scene. So no one cares.

Why should we listen to you? “Harumph! I’m the Grand Champion of everyone in my whole crew who are some of the top players in Boondocks PA!! We will require you to provide us with some incredibly rare equipment to accommodate our delicate play-style, or I’m afraid we can’t be bothered to go to the biggest tournament to play against the best players!” Your presence will be desperately missed, so please let us know if there’s some other way we can bend over backwards to accommodate any of your other whiny, no-name friends!

Yeah, EVO directors “aren’t trying hard enough” to run the biggest tournament (and the biggest GGXX touranment) in the continent’s history. And we all know how there are GGXX machines just lying around in the States (even though you now admit YOU losers don’t even have one to play on, you’re still criticising us?!?). Does “fuck you” sound simple enough?

Your “opinion” is that someone should hold your hand and beg you to come to the tournament. Not how it works, son, even if you didn’t suck and come from nowheresville. If you cared about the scene, the game, or proving yourself, YOU would be the one making an effort, instead of staying home safely to whine (and continue to play on the console you’re complaining about!).

Yeah, it IS just you, and you can shove it right up your ass. You can bring ANY SETUP YOU WANT AT ALL. It could be identical to how you play at home, and yet you decide to make that INCREDIBLY GOOD advantage something to complain about instead, because you’ve created some ridiculous monstrosity and are too lazy to carry it around. But yeah, it should be the tournament director’s job to help you out there.

Have fun jerking off in your backwaters. If you and your lil buddies ever decide you want to actually play, you know where to find us (at the biggest tournament ever, as opposed to in your mom’s basement).

Again, shut up. “I really don’t think…” You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. You realize that, right? That there’s actually an answer to this question, and you just totally don’t know it, but you continue to talk? Doesn’t that seem even a little bit retarded? The Japanese are coming, you are not, and no one cares. Thanks for playing!


all i have to say on this thread is:

I’ll see you all at evo.


Just for the record, Charlie’s remarks do not represent of the opinion of Boondocks, PA, or the elite players that live here. :smiley:

None of this talk has anything to do with specific joysticks, etc. It has to do with a large table that doesn’t move. (like in the arcade) Alot of players feel this way. How hard would it be to make a table and wire up a few PS schematic pads for the sake of ALOT of players? Sure, I’ll take the heat on this issue. At least I have the balls to express my opinion. We grew up on arcades and never resorted to pads. We don’t like mas-sticks or pads and we are all used to stationary tables like in the arcade. (sticks and buttons can be adjusted to) Why bother going to a tourney where you can’t be at your best? Especially one on the other side of the U.S. That’s alot of money for my friends to just throw away because that can’t perform at their best. Maybe next year something will be arranged.

By the way S-Kill…

If you want to put your $$$ where your mouth is…just let me know. (private message me) You get 3 players and I’ll get 3 and we will have get together. How does $1000 sound? If you want to go higher, be my guest. If you guarantee some big $$$, we will come to you or pay your way up here.

Agreed. Same deal for you guys. Let’s have a 3 on 3 for some serious $$$. (and please make it worth-while) $!000 or more would be a good start. It can easily be arranged since you guys live close to MD. I would love to see how elite your players are. It’s time to put your $$ where your mouth is…I’m willing too.

the bottom line is…

If the rest of the games were on console only…like Alpha 3, CvS2, MvC2, 3rd strike, etc., you would get alot of complaints on this matter as well. Because this is GGXX and not a SF, alot of players just pass it off as no big deal. Try to look at it from that point of view. Put those games on console and see what happens…

Sure, I’m glad GGXX is at least going to be there, but to make it on console just kills it for me. This is just my opinion so no biggie. I just hope this isn’t what the future holds for all games.

Please try and keep these posts clean. I’m not flaming players I don’t know and their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own. If you want to resort to flaming, please take your teenie-bopper asses elsewhere.