What street fighter character should i use?


Are there any aggressive street fighter characters?


Use who you are good with.

If SF is a new series to you, do what I did. Start with SF2. Small cast of characters that are in a lot of the games in case you like them. Just SF2 with different characters. When you find a characters you like the feel of or something such as that, use that character.

Of course, this may not work with you so I’ll just say this. Experiment and just play the game. It’ll come.


We can’t answer this for you, there is no character that is far superior to the others, the game is actually quite balanced to the point that just about every character has a fighting chance. Play what seems fun to you.

I can recommend a few things you DON’T do though. Don’t start with the bottom 4 characters on the tier list as to have any chance with them you do need to understand the game, as Capcom did manage to leave them out of the whole balancing act to a degree. These characters are Hakan, Makoto, Sakura and Dan (no point in even trying to play Dan seriously even when you do get good, he’s in the game as a joke character).

Also, do NOT start with an execution heavy character such as C. Viper, Rufus, or Dudley (there are others those are just 3 big ones). They are hard due to being execution heavy, as the name would suggest, and are not beginner friendly.


Ibuki because alot of people don’t know how to deal with her yet.


Try Skullomania or Rolento


Also Karin covers a lot of their weak matchups


Last time i answered a thread like this truthfully, i got infracted.


I’m partial to Q and Alex myself.




Definitely Birdie, he’s like Balrog + Zangief but not as good. Sodom is pretty dope too.


Urien if you dont mind the banana hammock


Most would say Scorpion, but i’ve always been a Raiden fan myself. Or Superman.


People need to get off this mentality. I swear to you that Dan is decent! There are players that play Dan seriously and yes, they actually win with him!


Dan got the biggest buff in Super. He is basically like Ryu now. Multiple ways to land ultra meter less and Dp trade


I wouldnt say he got the biggest buff, just the new ultra is really good. Still, he has less stun now and he still didnt have any of his normals fixed. Still, they did add hits to taunts :slight_smile: And yeah, Dan is a less effective camping ryu but a more efficient and hillarious rushdown.

I think they should have took out all trade to ultras, not just ryus…except for Dan :slight_smile:


Not one Dan player has ever placed top 8 at a major, ever, I think that says something outside of the fact that he’s just unpopular, since other “love to hate them” characters Makoto and Sakura have both placed top 8 at majors, Makoto did so just recently at Devastation.

Any character is viable to an extent in this game, but Dan, unlike all other characters, is at a disadvantage to other characters in every way possible except for his taunts. Sure you can win with him, does that mean he should be mained? Not if you want to actually succeed at this game and not get frustrated consistently.


Dan lacks players who go to tourneys. I know a few players that, if they went to a tourney, would rep Dan well.

Dan goes neutral with a decent amount of characters actually. In fact, J.Wong said himself that he goes 5:5 with Rufus (I dont even agree with this.)


I started with 3rd strike and then moved down to Super Turbo. (Chronologically of course cuz we all kow Super Turbois amazing). I used super turbo for timing and the technical aspects like recoveries and tech throws etc. I used 3s for parrys, more timing and combos. But I use SSF4 for the focus system input timing as its easier for me.