What subcultures are you apart of?

besides this one of course.

from cupstacking to pro wrestling to chess to cosplay to monster trucks to whatever.

im just curious what subcultures exist as, well, they are hard to find unless youre into it already.

does your subculture have a hub like srk? etc.


does your subculture have a meeting grounds? an annual event? etc etc

some detail would be nice =)

Drum & Bass subculture/enthusiast. Scratch that, I’m more of an Electronic Dance Music as a whole type person. I don’t like raving though.

Metal as a whole, and then folk and black metal. Comic book nerd, Woodsman subculture.

Metal forums are 10 times more assinine then srk so no.

First off, I think this is a neat thread idea.

I guess I’ll list things that I love enough to consider myself part of the subculture of, and forums I frequent heavily.

Orchestras and Orchestral Music
Post Rock
Smash Brothers
Professional Basketball
Lollapalooza Discussion

The forum I’ve posted most on is AbsolutePunk.net, but I’ve really never been a big punk person, despite my 6,600-however many posts there.





Seriously, mash-ups. [media=youtube]3y0Yo3yZrPA"[/media]

Don’t you think by calling them subcultures it kind of devalues them? Like the mainstream they are at odds with is supposed to be more important? It also leads them open to exploitation. Look how many motherfuckers are trying to sell you shit at every tournament and on every stream. But i do my thing between KoF and the literary. Word.

I’m waiting for the person who “listens to everything” to post their laundry list of musical genres

what else would you call them? they usually dont advertise or recruit, it seems people fall into them.

thats why im asking here. i’d like to know about something i wouldnt have otherwise even heard of.

i think subculture is real culture. everything else is manufacture

Hahaha thats sick, thanks for that man.

Anyway I’m mostly into Comics, Anime, Manga Games of course and sleep. Sleeps one of my favorites.

too many
-martial arts trickz
-anime cons

Hulu - Confessions of a Superhero - Watch the full feature film now.


cmon guys give me something crazy.

yo I collect sneakers, I love fashion not that high end androgynous fashion. I read manga and comics. I also love martial arts specifically BJJ which I am about to take up in a few weeks

I drink Starbucks

check the sig.


-Nerdcore/Indie hip-hop: It’s not dead yet
-Comics - Been a comic book nerd since I could read.
-Games. I’m currently really interested in independent game development and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about it.
-Computer/Network security - Still dreaming of going to DEFCON one of these years.
-Anime/Manga - I try and keep up to date and I lurk on a lot of forums/websites.

This is HOT, thanks for this.

Swords and guns.

Most weapon work I would say I frequent 2 sites
swordforum and arma
there is a lot of state, national and international action for the sport weapon arts (kendo, fencing, etc), but there isn’t much cross over at all for the non sport training unless someone makes the effort to travel to another training session/dojo. Really if you aren’t dealing with the sport arts then we are just training to become more efficient killers in a wildly outdated medium. Gatherings happen, but nothing really huge and while interesting not a whole lot gets done.

I can’t think of one site, but world.guns.ru is a great basic place for showing people pics of something when they ask.
As for events, competitive shooting is huge and has enormous organized events. I don’t do that, but I love to watch it. The difficulty of the shots is exciting, but I guess it’s boring if you don’t know whats really going on. I just shoot a lot and have taken more tactical courses than I should. As far as I know there isn’t any major events for civi tactical work, as really you should just go join the military. I couldn’t, so there I am.

I’m a furry juggalo.


fucking hardcore as fucking fuck omfg.

-I used to bmx a lot, but not so much as of recent.
-Snowboard, but as of this season, this will be my first time in 3 years of not owning a season pass and snowboarding almost everyday.
-Guitar is something I fiddle faddle around. It’s a lot of practice, especially for me, to get really good and I have 2 things going against it, laziness and other things that take higher priority. Also having a shitty amp and not getting the tone I want doesn’t help motivate me to play, now if I had a Black Amp half stack that would be another story.
-Cars. I am more and more enjoying what makes cars, cars. Especially that fast ones that are in anime with some euro trash electronic music blasting. One of the reasons why I’m going to attempt living in Japan. I’ve always been a fan of JDM modified cars from Japan, and the subculture that is seen on Video Option. Right now I own a Subaru Legacy wagon after having to part off my Subaru WRX. But I’ll one day get a fast car and start tinkering it.
-Japan. “OMG you’re such an OTAKU!!!” I have been, maybe not so much as now, always thought Japan being a potential place to live my life. Won’t go into the reasons though. Right now I’m engulfed with Japanese stuff. I watch Japanese programming, listen to the music, watch the car videos, have a phrase book, will be purchasing textfugu’s learning program, and have been watching blogs of people in Japan. I love the culture in Japan, love the location, the people(for the most part), find the television programs and commercials humorous, etc. Japan is awesome, and I’d like to at least vacation there soon.

As for social gatherings, interactions, clubs, what ever, I used to and somewhat still am apart of a bmx forum. It’s highly entertaining at times. Snowboarding, I tried the lifestyle out 100%. Was working in the industry as a snowboard technician at the snowboard shop. I interned for a highly respected snowboard company during the major trade shows. I rode almost everyday. Life was sweet, but found out the business side wasn’t for me. This season I’m planning on going a couple times a month, I got school and limited funds so I’m taking it easy this season. Speaking of school, I go to school to learn about automobiles to become a ASE certified technician. So learning about my interest is great, just like when I went to school for ski business. I should leave it as that since I’m kind of rambling off. But yeah, these are my “subcultures”