What super can punish Iori's rekkas if blocked?



What super can punish the first hit of Iori’s rekkas if blocked??

Does anyone know??

besides FAB…


I assume you mean the 1st hit of the Fierce Rekkas, correct?


yes the first hit


guile sh, balrog k super, vega claw, rock k super, bison lvl3 pc super, possible sagat lvl3fireball…


my famitsu guide says that the first hit of a blocked rekka leaves iori at -5.

guile’s sonic hurricane starts up in 5 frames, then has some goofty little footnote about 4 frames. not too sure what that means. maybe have iori do well distanced RC rekkas and then try to get reversal timing and see if it’ll hit with iori on all block.

blanka’s direct lightning super starts up in 4 frames, then has the same 4 frame thing.

balrog’s gigaton blow starts up in 5, then has the same 4 frame thing.

cammy’s spin drive smasher starts up in 4, then has the same 4 frame thing.

bison’s super psycho crusher, level 1-3 tiger raid, vega’s red impact have the same thing, 4, then another 4 before active red hitting frames.

rock’s shine knuckle starts up in 5, then has 6 more frames, which i was surprised to find out.

maybe ask buktooth, because he knows MUCH more about how to read the book than i do. maybe it means the startup before the super flash is 4 frames, then afterwards it takes 4 more frames before active hitting frames. thus iori’s rekkas are safe if i’m deciphering the information correctly even if you get reversal timing.

and the problem with using a quick attack like a crouching jab into super is that most jabs and shorts aren’t long enough to punish a well distanced blocked rekka.

hopefully i was of some help. i’ll give some more frame data if necessary.


EDIT- i see why FAB would work, because it has 4 startup frames, then 1 active hitting frame, then 48 recovery frames, from levels 1-3. so as long as you’re in range, it should work everytime before iori has time to jump.


What super can punish the first hit of Iori’s rekkas if blocked??

first hit is safe from the right distance… i think that -5 frame data you saw is from earliest it can hit…

if you really want to punish it, and you’re on 2p side, use your left index finger to push your opponent’s start button… Double tap method is recommended


you forget about the 7 frame or whatever time freeze. I don’t have any manual or anything, but I know all these supers hit cept for Rock’s. Couple other things, I know blanka’s lvl3 direct lightning doesn’t hit even if reversaled cuz it doesn’t travel fast enough to hit (this is all if Iori does the rekka far away). I wastes some frames doing that. Which is why it doesn’t hit. The other supers, mostly travel fast or out instantly half screen away (vega, guile). I’d have to check the game to test more of this shit out, but I am lazy… I am just going on knowledge of random shit I tested like 1 1/2 years ago. Your welcome to dismiss it if you want. Also remember about active frames and how Iori doesn’t hit till a later frame if he is further out (i could be wrong about this), kinda like Cammy’s cannon drill and blanka’s slide.

EDIT: if you really wanna punish this, you should play K groove.