What system will you be buying MK9 on?

I’m having a hard time deciding which system to get the game on. I currently have it pre-purchased for the 360 because it seems that’s what most people play on. But I kinda like the idea of messing around with Kratos…last I heard they said they wouldn’t have a 360 exclusive character.

So which system are you all picking it up on?

PS: Game looks badass and every new vid looks even better.

PS 3. Cuz that’s the only console I have lol :smiley: But even if I had a 360 as well I think I still would buy a PS 3 version cuz it seems like that version is the dominant one this time (Like exclusive characters, PSN demo, and most of the versions shown on various events seemed to be the PS3 versions as well).

To be honest at some point I got really frustrated with the game. Cuz the juggling system and the overall air animations really seemed to be damn stuiped. I mean even if you look at the resent gameplay videos posted you’ll notice it. I mean when milena sends an oponent flying off of an uppercut, and suddenly performs a ground grab on him while he is floating in the air - the opponent just swithces in a split second from a floating animation with waving hands in all direction to a standing grab animation. Damn stuiped if you ask me.
But it seems like the game will have lot’s of content so it should pay off. And aside from some stuiped juggles there are actually characters who DO look good and serious, like Scorp or Sub, or Noob, etc.

P.S. always liked kano. He looks godlike this time too. Always hated his blanka rolls though lol. Wished they would remove that stuiped, unfitting special move, that would finally make him a true badaas that he is, cuz everytime I see a 2 meter, beardy man with 30 cm knives performing a blanka roll, I can’t help but laugh at it ):

both, but i will play 360 version because it will be the best conversion of the 2, plus you cant play the PS3 version on XBL.

Xbox 360 mainly because of Xbox Live. Not interested in playing a character that is most likely banned from tournaments, and if Kratos is overpowered I don’t want to have to deal with playing against him in 90% of my matches online. Will probably pick up the PS3 version when it drops in price.

ps3 version most likely because I’m probably unsubbing to that live garbage.


Xbox Live