What tatsu should i be using for a crossover?

Just wondering what tatsu i should be using for the most reliable cross up tatsu?

May seem like a stupid question but i only picked up akuma about 3 days ago so im still learning:)

EDIT:Dont know why i said cross over in the title.it sounds stupid like that:P

This should’ve been asked in the Akuma “Quick Question” thread and I bet you could’ve found it in the Akuma Useful tips thread also. But in order to save you time, I’ll answer you: MK Tatsu works best for the cross-up.

Yes didnt think about that to be honest you are right:PThank you good sir

x-up tatsu? HK is what most use.

I too have always used Roundhouse.

What’s the deal with MK?

HK or MK will work though HK does more damage.

Is it spacing dependant on which you should use or does it not matter?
Its hard to tell sometimes if i had the spacing wrong or if i timed the tatsu wrong

Yep, that’s why one usually go with HK. Was basically asking if MK had something aside from the lower damage :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this all depends on how far ur Akuma is from ur rival, LK TATSU will do wonders on the corners, many times your opponent will think your going cross him and most of the time you’ll end up right in front, I mostly used MK after a knock down

I find HK to be the easiest to time for some reason. MK would be you’re next best bet, but most of the better Gouki players I’ve played agree that HK is best (plus it deals the most damage).

MK was what was recommended to me at the time I started to learn Akuma and to be honest, I find the timing of the MK x-up tatsu to be much more consistent in hitting the opponent than HK.

For me it’s more of a matter of landing the hit rather than possibly doing more damage (if I land it).

I always thought people used HK because it was most ambiguous.