What Team Will You Be / Opinion On The Making Of The Game


I am really happy to see this game do well, i won’t be getting it immediately, but im happy for it!



I’m definitely going to try out the following characters: King, Feng, Lei and Hwoarang and try and make two teams from those four characters.

Kazuya may be a possible experiment but not likely.

UK still have to wait three days :frowning:


I’ll be running Angel / Devil Jin


:eek: I needz dat MILF connection!

Jun/Michelle LET’S GO


I’m SOOOOO thrilled that this game is finally out. The following characters I will play are already in my sig. It’s time to fight…


Alisa/X. I got really lazy in T6 and it’s coming back to haunt me.


dude what is up with you? how many characters d’you play with in every game lol!!


It appears strange at first but I want to know how to play a… staple group of characters that pique my interest. If I do this, I can keep my options open for the sake of counter picking and learning match-ups (and how others would probably play the said characters). Playing these characters will also be dependent on my own comfort zone as well.

As for TTT2, I intend on sticking with Jin/Hwoarang for the time being - Hwoarang is the anchor - he will get a hold of Netsu quicker… should Jin a take a few hits. Thanks to several arcade showcases, Jin’s Omen Stance and a few other of his mix-ups gave me a lot of interest… Then I will move on to the others after I figured things out and got some experience offline and online.


This is my first competitive Tekken so I may have a nooby question but in a game like this and the nature of the fighting, are there such things as bad MU’s? I mean I know there are, but do you need counter picks the same way you would in a game like Mortal Kombat, UMvC3 etc.?


There aren’t outright TERRIBLE counter-picks. As I’ve told others, you won’t find Vergil-to-Hsien Ko style matchups here. Some characters will struggle because they’re just badly put together (take True Ogre for instance), but for the most part you can compete with any character. Yoshimitsu has been considered bottom-tier for a while now, but he has a very strong mix-up game that catches tons of people off guard, thus making him extremely viable.


thats very assuring to hear. I’ve had enough of dealing with bad MU’s in the other two FG’s I play lol…


I’m glad to put your fears to rest. There’s nothing in Tekken like a Dhalsim-Cammy matchup in SF4.


As far as I’m concerned, the characters here on TTT2 all seem viable enough for anyone to play if that player finds that character easy to win with or if they have tricks up their sleeve. As long as they know the strengths and weaknesses between the characters in this game you should be able to fight well. And win if you can. (However… in T6 we were basically guaranteed to see things like Steve, Bob, Lars because you could get a way with so much with them and they, of course, were easy to win with - it just depends on what tools the characters might have and how you will adjust your style while maintaining a large degree of execution - you basically utilize any character that is, in fact, tournament worthy - TTT2 seems to allow every character this sort of opportunity - that which I am please with).


correction: there is nothing like a Kabal vs anyone MU in MK9…

But yeah I can pick whatever team really and just work on the synergy and not worry so much on who I’m facing.


I’m pretty new to Tekken, but I’m gonna be running Jun Kazama and Asuka Kazama.


Team synergy isn’t that important here. Pick the characters you like and roll with it. Crazy idea right?

I’m going with my sfxt team of Nina and Law here first.

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I haven’t gotten my hands on the game yet, but I’m very excited to get started. I’ll be playing Yoshimitsu/Eddy Gordo to start. Definitely will want to learn several other characters as well.

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This is officially my secondary game, besides KOFXIII and CVS2. I did not have much of an issue with the networking.
There are so many combinations definitely worth trying in TTT2. I might need to pick up Lei some time later. I tested several teams on arcade mode already… Lars and Raven are a good team together as they both have intense game play functions as characters and they get their netsu system earlier than usual sense they get along with each other.
Others that I have tried are Jin and Nina for the same reasons above. For obvious reasons Asuka and Lili have an odd scenario:
Lili gets netsu much quicker if Asuka gets hurt. But Asuka gets netsu at a much slower pace. Another thing I found strange was Kazuya and Jun… for some odd reasons Jun gets Netsu EARLIER from Kaz while Kaz gets Netsu slower than usual… I wonder what that implies? Jun might (STILL) be trying to change Kaz for the better (T2 anyone?) but we all know how that turned out. This is a really interesting game…
I love how Namco put so much effort in the animations… the facial expressions and the aesthetics. Harada was NOT joking around with this game at all.


Two main teams for me will be Ju- I mean, Jaycee / Kunimitsu (Girls with Masks!), and Leo / Feng (beauty and power). Lili / Michelle will be an alt team I think.

Dammit… a few more hours, then off work and straight to GS to grab the game… which I still wont be able to play until like 9:30pm lol. UGH.


:eek: If I understand the relationships as they were showcased on TZ a while ago, not all relationships are parallel.

For instance, character A might have a thing for character B, but character B might not be so hot about character A, resulting in lopsided netsu buildup.