What team would you perfer?


I’m trying to be original, a lot of odd looking teams, tell me what i should add/remove. I don’t want to hear tthat these teams suck, and that i should use top-tiers, i don’t believe in Tiers for CVS2. i can’t really stick to 1 team to play with so help!!

A-Mai-Vega/Sakura/Geese I don’t know who to R2. and i’m keeping geese last , my counter character against Bison. If someone can tell me why Geese isn’t a better choice than Bison tell me now. Everyone is using freakin Bison, but Geese is a much solid choice imo, i think this might be my main buisness team. and i don’t think there is a character that downright beats Geese. Mai is top-tier. I hope you all still keep Bison instead of Geese because i don’t like biters

Edit: Geese’s jabs beat some but not all kicks of bison i think. and he doesn’t downright beat bison, it’s pretty even.

S-Chunli/Kyo/Honda-Sagat S-Chun for killer level 1s and her dodge punch, Kyo for his dodge kick and the mix ups, Honda cause he’s a bitch, so is Sagat. S is Kyo’s best groove imo, it seems like S was just made for Kyo.

N-Akuma/Chunli-Morrigan/Sagat-Morrigan Akuma’s my battery, Chunli and Morrigan are for the meter and mixups, Sagat is SAGAT.

C-Rock/Chunli/Sagat I’m not too sure if C is a great groove for Rock. Chunli is for MP > Death and Sagat is just SAGAT. I could put in my favorite character Guile, but everyone’s using him.

C/K-DANR4 Who likes to play against a boring but funny to watch DAN DAN FILA runaway. and then connecting a c.mk > Super? i can beat u with time!!! MUHAAHAH!!!

K-Ryu-Kyo/xxx/Sagat K groove is my best groove, i’m decent with JDs, i can JD supers and some block strings with consistancy. who should i put for the 2nd dood? I want to put Cammy in, but i play against a lot of damned good Rugals. I’m also thinking about putting in Gief.

K-Cammy Blanka Sagat Everyone’s seen this team. BORING.


K-Dhalsim/Zangief/Sagat The CVS2 Dhalsim is actually better than what most people think. You just gotta be patient when u learn and play with Dhalsim, and i’ve ran out of it so i really don’t use this team. Dhalsim and King are the most underrated characters in CVS2


not much comment on the teams cuz i’m just a n00b blah

how about put zangief in S? that seems good “in my mind”



Nice team … I’d take out Geese though. He’s better in K. I personally prefer A- Athena/Mai/Chun-Li.


Chun is a good choice, I’d take out Kyo and Sagat, its not their best groove. Maybe … S - Athena/Ryu/Chun. All are good in S.


Not a bad choice. N is Morrigan’s best groove, N is Chun’s best groove (debatable with C, I feel N is her best), Akuma’s best groove is A but he has a lot of mix ups in N groove.


Don’t think Rock is good in C, better in N. Other two are top tiers in that groove. Debatable for Chun.


Nice. Cammy is good in K, so is Geese. Either could fill in the slot.

Kinda tired, otherwise I’d go into more depth. If you want me to specify something I listed, please let me know so I can just tell you what you want to know, otherwise I’d just be telling you stuff you already agree with.


N is NOT Chun’s best groove, or even close to C. C=9600 off crossup idc about low jump and run. A mai’s a good battery, so I’d say A Mai Sak Blanka would be the most solid team (screw A Geese, A Blanka is alot better. If you want to use him, use him in K, he’s almost top-tier in that groove. S Chun is nice, I’d say S Chun/Kyo/Cammy would be better than Sagat. S Honda is a no no. Iori would be better than Akuma in N, Iori is a good battery too if you didn’t know. I still USE N Chun if I’m using N, because she is still very good in N. Screw K Ryu, always use K Kyo, great wakeup games, good with low jump and JD, and with rage his combos can do like 12k… Kyo Blanka/Cammy Sagat would be the best K team with your chars.