What teams do you plan to use when Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Drops?

Me personally I will probably be using dormammu phoenix and ghost rider to start things off and also have a team of nemesis dormammu and akuma…

Why this thread? Why Impact font?


Wesker Magneto Sentinel. Purple/White Swag

Other than the IMPACT I see no problem with this thread… Thinking Captain America / Iron Fist / Nova OR Vergil / Iron fist / Nova

Not committing to a new team before I go into the lab. I will be using my two existing teams though.

I’m thinking Trish/Firebrand/Rocket Raccoon

Frank/Skrull/Nova since day one.


I’ll try using Frank/MODOK/Dormammu. I’ll probably still use Deadpool/MODOK/Sentinel, and I want to try Captain America/Hawkeye/someone else.

I don’t really have a team

but I’m planning to put hours into strange , nova RR and iron man

3 of them will make it


Ive Already Decided That my Day1 Team will be Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon & Vergil.
Im Really Hoping these guys have good synergy. If they don’t… I WILL MAKE THEM!

Sticking with my Vanilla team of Spencer/Hulk/Dorm and maybe switching Hulk to point if his buffs test well.

Won’t make a new team until I go through everyone’s mission mode (I can’t remember if there will even be one, tbh) and see who feels right.

Not really hyped for anybody in particular… aside from Hulk.

Strider / Vergil / Wright

Frank / Shuma / Strider

I have literally five teams I’m thinking of using:

main team:
hsien-ko, shuma, morrigan

seconadry team:
captain america, phoenix wright, arthur/doctor strange (whichever one I prefer after testing)

the, I wanted to use thor and spiderman team so heres what I got:
chun-li, spiderman, thor

the I’m trying to come up with a team that has skrull on it team:
magneto, haggar, skrull.

Oh hey I want to use these guys too team:
firebrand, M.O.D.O.K., Ghostrider

it shouldn’t be hard learning how to play 15 characters right?

I’m either going to roll with Chris/Taskmaster/Hawkeye or Chris/Hawkeye/Doom. Filling the screen with shit is back!

Going to try to make Frank/Haggar/Wright work in the lab first, but I’ll probably end up playing 90% of the characters because I can never stick with a team

Going to spend my first day experimenting with RR, Nova, and Firebrand to compliment Task/Skrull bff’s.

If I don’t like them my vanilla choices are Sent, Doom, or maybe even Ryu