What teams have you played against the most?


Easy question. since SG now has so few people playing it, this thread shouldnt get to bogged down.

one of the things i always wondered was who other people were playing against, the reason being is that becoause the teams you play aginst the most will inevitably shape your perception of how the game actually plays… like if all you play against in AE is guiles and sims and vegas… you are probably used to a slower more defensive game where as if you play against bisons,vegas,feis,chuns… you are probably more used to playing footsies games, whereas if you play against seths and ibukis and yangs and akumas and vipers… you are used probably used to a less fundamental game with more emphasis on knockdowns and mixups.

but this is skullgirls, there are less people playing which means less overall character interaction meaning that there is less matchup specific experience… i for instance have basically 0 matchup experience against val,MF,peacock and painwheel.

the primary teams ive played against are:

filia (updo)/parasoul (pillar)
filia (updo)/double(bomber)

cerebella (execelebella)/double (bomber)
cerebella (command grab)/parasoul (bike)
double (bomber)/parasoul (bike)

here are my comments on those teams:

filia/parasoul : good team, parasoul assist gives easy combos to filia who has a run for easy conversion of otg’s. filia can do blockstring into cr.mk then call pillar for blockstun/ hit and actaccordingly… if hit she gets the easy otg, if blocked she has a 4 way mixup between airdash High,high, airdash high/low, ground dash throw or low though her low will be unsafe on block this time.

filia/double : same thing as with parasoul except offensive ground string isnt quite as good though midrange options are much better, overall a better team than the one with parasoul as far as i can see, especially when cornered.

cerebella/double : bella can use doubles bomber as an air ground approach via jumping in with j.mp or on the ground with command run, bella also can take advantage of hit bomber pretty well cause of run. the strength of the team primarily comes from bellas dominating air attacks combined with a dominating ground assist.

bella (grab)/ parasoul (bike) bike seems like a good on hit counter for doubles assist cause if the point characters both get hit by the opponents assists, the character that picked up by the bike will be put into much more hitstun and many times comboable even though double assist also hit the opponents point. bike basically seems like a somewhat harder to get out yet even better version of hornet bomber if you can protect its call. it isnt duckable unlike double assist and it moves rather slowly making throwing up an offense behind it even easier… imho its one of the more slept on assists in the game. it certainly feels much more oppressive than either pillar or updo. as far as what ive played against. fortunatley its a bit harder for bella to make use of it on hit. which is a problem that the next team kinda nullifies.

double/parasoul : double is an EXCELLENT user of bike assist. she can protect its call really well with j.hp since it hits 3 times and has so much range and is so fast. also since bike is slow… double can perform really good dash (teleport) crossups with the bike on screen. also even from near fullscreen double can convert a hit bike call pretty easily cause of her far forward dash. trying to kill bike doesnt seem useful when double is giving you a face of painwheels wheel. also if bike makes it off screen or gets destroyed it can be called again almost immediately… a way to think about bike? kinda like georges day out only faster and does way more on hit.

so anyways those are the primary teams im playing against, as can be seen all the teams i play against use invulnerable on startup assists or in parasouls bikes case, an assist that starts up vulnerable then quickly becomes invincible for all intents and purposes. and unlike double assist only needs protection on the way in, rarely on the way out. basically a very good offensive assist.

i use painwheel/double with lk hornet bomber.

what teams are you guys playing against?



Teams I’ve played against

Filia (Updo)/Parasoul (Napalm Pillar) - Can be zoned out
Valentine (Mortuary Drop)/Cerebella (Diamond Drop) - Strong gimmick but not a solid team
Valentine (Savage Bypass)/Filia (Hairball) - Some really cool setups but might need something for reversals
Filia/Parasoul (Napalm Shot) - Difficult to escape pressure, but Hornet bomber kind of blows it up

The hardest opponent I’ve faced was actually a solo Parasoul, I’m hoping I can get a runback at some point.


Solo Cerebella, which I think kind of sucks, but that’s just me.

In general the variety in teams is pretty great, I think the most common I’ve run into after Solobella is Peacock/Double and Valentine/Double, whom I believe are both solid teams.


I fight alot of solos, and in general find solos pretty bad, only solo that scares me is ms. fortune, every other solo is just like, ok so hopefully the connection is stable enough for me to not drop combos. Solobella/peacock double are most common. There are a couple of painwheels I’ve played, they all use duo team with invincible assist. Then there are just a lot of teams that i just frankly think are poorly constructed that i play or solos. So many teams like Filia/peacock, with filia on point… what?

In terms of scary teams-

Ms. Fortune solo
Painwheel/Invincible assist
Parasol Double

Ok so basically just have double on your team, then your scary :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone with Double.



Those are THE MOST popular teams. Other combinations are fairly common, but none of them as much as these.


I’ve seen solo Valentine the most (90% of which are awful), followed by solo Bella (half of which were pretty damn good).

I have fought almost no Fortune, Peacock, and Double players.

I have never even seen a Doublecock.


I run into lots of solos and teams that run Peacock on point. I play against alot of

Peacock/Double (bomber)
Peacock/Cerebella (execelebella/cerecoptor)
Peacock/Parasoul (Pillar)

I played against a few Valentine/Parasoul teams.


The first two are probably the best teams in the game, third one is common but not progessing…and everyine figured it out already