What terminal pins are used on the TE2's wire harness? the side that connects to the PCB


I just recently bought a Hori optical joystick which uses a 6 pin harness instead of the 5 pin (optical needs power). Now I have to find the crimper and terminal pins used on the PCB connected side of the joystick harness. Anyone recognize this terminal pin type so I can buy a crimper and some pins?



I forgot the exact number now, but thats a 6 pin JST connector.

Just buy this, cut to length

Then solder your wires to make your adapter.


I’m a bit confused. The end you see, the female end is what I need connected to the other end of my 6pin harness. How am I supposed to use those male pins?


Oh My Bad, here.

These can also be cut to length, I would leave one hole/pin extra as a sacrificial.


Thanks, now I just need to figure out the pinout for the new lever. -_-


Keep in mind the wire that was added is +5 volts for power.