What the best way to improve my aa?



I know Juri aa just want to improve my timing. what the best set up in training ie character and settings to improve?


i think setting a character to jumping forward and attacking during training might help with you’re issue. and make sure to know her situational AA’s also. good luck.


If you want to do it by match up one way is to record the dummy doing various jumping attacks and altering their spacing and timing of the attack then trying to find out the timing on how to beat it. Just a list of Juri’s AA’s:
-close s.Fierce
-far s.Forward
-far s.Fierce
-far s.Roundhouse
-Roundhouse Fireball Release
-All Fireball stores
-EX Pinwheel

All of these can be used to counter jump ins but some of them are more situational than others. Your go to anti-airs will be c.Strong and c.Fierce at closer distances. From farther distances use far s.Forward. Standing Fierce (close and far) and far standing Roundhouse are very situational. Fireballs stores require good timing and the fireball releases are part of your zoning. EX Pinwheel can AA but I wouldn’t use the meter for it too often.


Practice in matches. Get into lose mode and just play the zoning game. You’ll find out quick what and when. Then, you take it into training room and see what works.

I.e., playing guy I cant anti air him. His jump arc floats too much and I miss my usual c.strong. When he elbow drops, it stuffs a lot of my options due to spacing. So now I have to go into training mode and stop Guy from being able to jump/elbow job for free on me.


Dang, I have the exact same issue, I know the basic AAs but my timing blows, I always think on the move first and execute it later, getting hit in the process. Guess we gotta train our brains in the training room rather then the character itself… :sad:


i think a good way to improve AA is to be crouching already before they jumpin sorta playing turtle style with a charge character.


You’re anti airing will improve as your spacing improves. Juri has a bajillion anti air buttons for different situations. Just…sit back and play the zoning game. You’ll get used to her anti airs fast. Play endless and feel out the spacing. Far, use st.mk. Mid range past her st.mk hitbox? C.mp. Really close on you? c.mp or c.hp.

REMEMBER, all of her crouching anti airs you can cancel into fuhajin store to help you’re zoning.

The key to anti airing with juri is knowing what to use, and also that the person is going to jump. Theres a certain rhythm for it. Just…dont get discouraged and keep at it. Play games with only that on your mind, win/lose/draw