What the easiest controllers to hack

ok if u r like me and want to know then this is the thread 4 u. We will start with the xbox since it seems to be the most frustrating and less talked about.(plus im doin one now and da shit aint no cake walk :xeye: ) Then we’ll move to ps2 on down. List why they r easy. the more info u put down the more helpful u r to newbs like me lol.

psx controller H series is what I always use. You could get them at gamestop for only 2.99. But make sure it has an H on the back. I call it “H for hack”.

LMAO good one ill look into it keep em comin fellas

I thought A series were best to hack for arcade sticks?

yeah the a r highly hackable but does any one have any ideas for the xbox

Yea I’m about to do an xbox one too, wanna know which one is the easiest. IS it possible to hack the original big ass controller? Will the triggers have lag (like origianl DC controllers have lag on the triggers).

For the xbox, use a ps controller with a ps2->xbox convertor, these are available at most on-line retailers, its the easiests solution and you can buy convertors that allow you to use the controller on your PC.

natsumi go to modeverything.com it is possible one common ground and tuff soder points this is my next step b4 i order gamsters reflex

I heard there were issue with converters as far as lag and reliability is concerned particularly with 3rd Strike
plz correct me if im wrong

Ya I heard about that too. So is there any other convertor besides the Magic Box that plays a Playstation controller smoothly on the Xbox? What is the best convertor for third strike?

I’ve never had any problems using the Gemeni 2 in 1 adapter on xbox w/first party pcbs. That’s been with Soul Calibur 2 and Guilty Gear X2 Reload.

Still, I don’t play GG anywhere near a competent level, so I don’t have one spec of the timing it takes to do certain things, thus, I wouldn’t know if it really lags. For SC2, it never lags for me.

You can get these adapters at Wal Mart for $10.

I bought 2 ps2 to xbox/gamecube adapters at fry’s and they suck. They don’t even work and I bought them at 17.99 each. Can someone out there please tell me where I could find a good PS2 to Xbox adapter? Thank you.

Anyone knows if this is good?


check the forum for converters to see if im right i dont think that there is a good converter out there everybody has compatablity issues the best thing is to know which controler works best with the converter u r buying

hope that helps bro

What if my joystick is made out of an H series PSX controller. Anyone know a good Xbox adapter for that? Thank you.

i have a quick question with about the same subject. I am also looking to build a xbox arcade stick. Ive already used the Reflex hack but i dont wanna spend another 15 bucks on a PCB so are there any Xbox contorllers that arent too tough to hack? I know the initial response would be make a PSX stick and use convertor, but I like having my communicator. Also, I would try the Mad Catz controller but I have heard some people say that they have an issue with inputting mulitiple button presses, is this true?

Check out modeverything.com for the xbox controller hack. I hacked a mad catz controller a while ago and I did have issues with multiple button presses that is until i grounded every button and direction. It worked fine after that. It took me while but that was because it was my first hack.

^^ so which one is better in responding, sony pcb with converter or third party xbox pcb?

third party xbox pcb of course.

I took the big Xbox pad apart today and had a look at it. I’m following Arm’s guide for the most part. I did some test solders to those tiny contact points and they held. I’m holding off on actually doing it until I get some better wire, but I’m confident.