What the Easiest move to combo with Q?

What the Easiest move to combo with Q?
Because my Q game is good but not good enough!
Can someone help me… :karate:

Uh, to combo…? Like under what circumstances? Close standing forward is pretty much his only comboable ground normal. It goes into his slaps, dash punch, and supers, but that’s really about it. His command grab starts some combos too. Q isn’t really a comboing character like Ibuki or Ken or Yun or what have you, he depends more on dealing out huge damage in just a few moves. One three hit combo by Q can take off a good third or 40% of the opponent’s life, depending on the opponent.

well really the thing i do is
i ex his foward punch (srry dont really no what to call it
since im in a headache) the one B(charge)+1,2,or 3
jsut ex that and if it hits then you can atleast pull a good combo

srry head ache over here :stuck_out_tongue: hope u understood that

you can hit confirm (with a little practice) his dash punch into critical combo. does pretty decent damage.

one hit confirm with Q that’s not too hard to pick up:
charge down+back next to fallen opponent > back+mk > mp dash punch > hit confirm into critical combo.

mix it up with C&DB if he tries to parry forward. (people hardly parry low against Q, there’s just no point really)

C&DB leads to several decent combos, you can look those up in prior Q threads.

true u must master this alot
i can pull it off pretty easy no doubt
but takes alot of practice
to pull that off cus sometimes it might miss

Don’t do random EX Dash Punches. The recovery is way too long on block.

I’m a Q scrub. s.forward x EX slaps… lol… does more than a shippu combo…


Q is the only time I ever remember to really karathrow.

heh true but i stick with basic EX dash punches
but i only use them when time is right then i just b*tch slap the guy in the air or pull off critical combo

Meh, I’m not that big a fan of EX slaps. It doesn’t do enough more damage than regular slaps to justify using meter in my opinion, especially if you’re using SAII. If you’re going to do standing forward into some ex attack, ex dash punch is better. And if you want to dish out big damage (say, if the opponent is dizzy) and you don’t have a charge for a dash punch, do a c&db, ex dash punch, standing roundhouse combo instead, or if you have no meter, do c&db, dash punch, dash punch or c&db, overhead dash punch, dash punch. Personally, if I don’t have enough meter or the time to do a c&db combo, and if it isn’t going to be the deathblow, I just do regular slaps, which does pretty nice damage by itself. I used to use ex slaps when the opponent was waking up sometimes if I had them in the corner and was playing c&db games and expecting them to jump, but I think that’s too risky now. Just about the only time I use ex slaps is to chip-kill.

PS M00b, are you in Ventura proper? I’m in Moorpark. You wanna get together for some 3S sometime? There’s an arcade in Simi, if you wanna play.

Yeah I’m in Ventura. I wouldn’t mind getting together to play sometime. I’m always down for meeting new people to play against. I like EX slaps for the knockdown mostly.

same here
Q is a basic but yet wierd in sorts of ways to use
and pretty confusing at times but wen u master the guy down no problem
just find your way through each match and get your taunts in
thats most important (sometimes)

3 things to learn with Q then you’re set:

-hit confirm dash punches into super

-when to squeeze a taunt in

-how to land c&db

thoughs are the most basic in a Q
learn them and you will be mroe knowledgable

I feel so bad whoring karathrows…

The karathrow isn’t THAT important to Q’s game. It’s important, sure, but you shouldn’t focus that much on it. Don’t always use the karathrow whenever you throw, that’s a bad idea. With karathrowing not only do you have the normal few startup throw frames but you have the frames you cancelled from whichever normal you used, and those frames are sometimes enough to make it so that your opponent has just enough time to throw you or jump away or get an attack in. If you’re close enough to regular throw, do it.

I should’ve been more specific about it. I found out getting thrown out of karathrows the hard way.

Off-topic but can Q be ground crossed up?

Ibuki mid screen. I think that’s actually it–go Q!

Not to mention that, in the rare instance (rare for me, at least) that you actually corner your opponent, the last thing you’d want to do is kara-throw him out and then get cornered yourself.

his one hit combo

I hear ya, I used to have the same problem. You can just use standing strong to karathrow forward, though. It doesn’t have the range of back+strong, but it still has good range, better than just about every other karathrow. Or you can learn to press the back in back+strong for like, a 20th of a second hehe.

not trying to sound like a hat3r or nething but…Q?
unless your jap. it’ll be a very hard road 4 you my friend.
rob help 'em out, you did pretty damn gr8 with Q at finalR.8