What the fuck, SF5?

I’ve done everything from update the PS4, deleting the beta and re-downloading it.

Thing is, I got the update notification for the SF5 beta the same way Maximilian Dood did in his stream today. I did exactly what he did; close out of the beta and restart, and I still get jack shit. WE’RE BOTH ON THE WEST COAST FOR FUCK’S SAKE. How come it worked for Max and not me?!

Is anyone else having the problem of getting the update notice for the beta, doing what it says, and still not getting in?

We have a dedicated beta thread for this, you know -_-

alex confirmed not in SF5

Informative thread title - check
Non-anger ridden bitchy OP - check
Alex confirmed not in SF5 - check

Yep, lock this shit up.


It’s a beta. Not a functioning demo. quit being a retard.

Max Illuminati is real