What the Gay! (Post-Super Freeze Randomness)

Go into Training Mode.

Pick C-Ryu, C-Ryu.

Record the Dummy doing a Level 3 Fireball.

Let it play, get into point-blank range, take your hands off the controls. Hold Block AFTER you see the super flash. Repeat this many times.

Part of the time my character successfully blocked, while the other times it was not blocked.

Technically, you should not be able to block this at all after the flash, correct? Any ideas? This is akin to the “impossible” links into CC and anti-low guard CCs which we could never explain, except now it’s happening with supers and it’s not even low-guard. I hope we are just missing some critical information and it’s not just CvS2 being sloppy.

I don’t know much about the superfreeze system, but I think it’s simply that the opponent cannot input anything for 4 frames after freeze.
Ryu’s level 3 shinkuu has 4 frames of pre-flash, then the flash itself, and 5 frames post-flash before releasing the fireball.
If your opponent cannot input anything for 4 frames after freeze yet you take 5 to release the fireball, they should be able to block it everytime. On speed 1, it should be blockable everytime. On speed 3, I’d imagine it’s roughly 50/50 due to the lost frame.

I will test this, but not until later tonight.

My test was on Speed 1 actually… Thanks for the frame data.

Here’s what I can tell you:

The only difference in the frame data on the different levels of shinkuu is the length of invincibility.

I tested on speed 1. I can block a lvl 1 or 2 on reaction to superflash, at point blank range. Yet, I blocked the lvl 3 about 75% of the time. I actually counted 13/17, or 76%.

So the easiest explanation would be that lvl 1’s freeze inputs for 3 frames, lvl 2’s for 4 frames, and lvl 3’s for 5 frames. I just don’t know though.