What the **** happened to 2DF?

What’s with this “supercade”? This blows I see like 9 sessions right now, what happened!?

No idea what 2DF is but I’m assuming this is something like GGPO, in which case, go use GGPO.

The only reason I don’t want to use GGPO is because I have to open ports and ish. Is that only if you want to host? Can I play on GGPO if my ports aren’t open?

I can’t play on GGPO with my computer set to DMZ.

What’s DMZ?

3s on 2df > 3s on GGPO

its the last step in long journey of 2df’s interface getting progressively more and more awful

yeah it sucks now, what the hell happened?

disagree. ill take buggy with no input delay over less buggy with input delay.

2DF/Supercade has a lot more games than GGPO. Same idea but more options and no spectators.

IIRC opening all your ports.

Online 3s is trash. Simple as that

I fixed that for you. Hey, at least we’re thinking on the same wavelength!

i actually had forgotten what this was called before they changed the name and ruined the fuck out of it lmao

Remember when 2DF had ranking and that scrub Sado would dodge everyone good just to be at the top?

My comp is set to DMZ and I use GGPO fine.

2df was awesome I miss it, I don’t much care for supercade but I still go on it when friends ask to play.

I used to play mainly on 2df, when SA came, moved to GGPO. I still play from time to time, usually when playing in GGPO isn’t possible [And it happens quite alot lately]

GGPO has the better netcode and spec mode [And you can record input via nFBA options anyway to have the replay feature from 2df as well], but I wish there would be some update that will fix some of the bugs

sadly Supercade hasn’t been updated since January… i don’t know why damdai decided to sack 2DF if he wasn’t planning to polish Supercade to something comparable in quality

would be great if he’d restore 2DF as it was in the last version

PS: i loved the piecharts displaying character usage

You meant the SFIII: Turd Strike?

tisk tisk…typical SNK fanboys

every game on the FBA emulator can be played on ggpo! thnx to that savestate glitch we’ve been playing magic drop 3 like crazy on ggpo even though its not supported.

You can still talk to one another as well as spectate other players who are playing a game thats not supported. You just gotta have the same rom. We usually hijack the dnd room since its barely used.

If anyone wants to play some magic drop 3 on ggpo, holla.