What the hell is this?


Why? Someone please explain why you would need a touchpad on an arcade stick? I am very confused right now.

Straight up. I want that instead of a joystick. I’m in dat fosho.

Because the Arcade Version has Input Screen also.

you never know when your fighting game turns into a side scrolling rhythmn game?

I just look at it and see the future…“King of Fighters XIII with touch pad! Rub the pad to build your special meter!” Makes me cringe.

Yes, because an arcade stick for a game which featured a touch panel in the arcade shouldn’t have a touch panel.

I am not familiar with the game. That is why I asked.

That’s why I answered.

Otomedius (Arcade), Otomedius Gorgeous! (Xbox 360) is a Shmup (Shoot 'em up) game.
The game has a Touch Screen.

MarkMan has the Hyper Stick PRO Otomedius G Ver. also.

I demand that he and MadCatz reverse engineer that shit and make a TE with a touch screen!

this stick is also pretty funny because the JLF came shipped with a GT-Y octagonal gate installed

I second this request. MarkMan: do it!


Gummoned has a Gameboy DS in his stick…

I saw that thing a while back when it was available for pre-order, Im still kickin myself for not jumping on that shizz.

Def, makes me want to start playing some shmups again.

jlf for shumps…