What the hell is wrong wit Captain Sword?



Sometimes it only hits onces and sometimes it misses completely, even when you set it up with a launcher -> Captain Corridor -> Captain Sword.


Not every input in marvel needs max speed… give it an extra half sec for them to fly further up/back before you xx to captain sword.


The best way to execute the sword is with an assist. The thing about launching sword, is theyre too close (which MadTitan mentioned) so the sword kinda just brushes through them. Some great assist are Sentinel’s RP or any cross-screen anti-air. With the right distance, you’ll get the full damage of the sword. The meat of the damage is at the tip of it, which extends out.

Try this w/either Sentinel RP or Storm Exp. cr.lp,lk,hp + (option) sword. Sentinel’s RP does a lot of damage to begin with, and the sword is able to extend out for great damage combined with it. With Storm, at the end of that combo, you can either do the sword or electric ground smash THEN sword.


I believe this is character specific. launchXXcorridorXXcapt sword works for me consistently on some characters like ryu sentinel or ruby, but fail on strider venom and worst of all cable. so If you did a launch i would go right into capt sword unless you study the effect on every character(or the important ones at least).


It is char specific and its also not… basicly on those chars that it seems to not work so well on… like I said in the my first response… wait an extra half sec for them to fly further up/back… and xx capt sword. Basicly characters fall (of fly though the air) at different rates of speed. Just need to know how fast or slow to do the cancel for each.


Ive heard it almost never fail against Mag/Storm… unless your opponent is on the corner