What the hell is wrong with ps2 ae?!?!

i keep finding boshit in this version

sagat from ce or hf tiger upper has to be blocked low

cross-ups, why can i block with one direction no matter what? anyone else notice this crazy shit?

shit is broken

I know the above is a piss poor explanation so i will try once more.

Any basic cross-up only seems to require that i block the normal way, not the switch side block(the whole point of crossing up right???)

I’ve never seen this mentioned anywhere in these forums(but i have seen mad ogs talking about how messed up the game is)

Is this a problem on anyone elses copy?! ps2…

stupidest post ever

I dont know if it is a bug (like Claw inputs problems), but Nohoho informed a few months ago, that a revised (NON BUGGED) Ps2 version of Hyper SF2 was out.


I’d personally prefer ST on CCC2 vol 2, but…

What character’s move are you doing to cross-up, and against whom? There are certain characters like Chun and Dictator who usually don’t have to block the other way because they can’t be crossed-up easily.

P.S.: Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut is a low hit in the arcade version of HF.

Is this in training mode, or everywhere? I’m certain that to an extent training mode induces some form of auto block for the computer AND you.

Yeah, there’s also auto-block in training mode.

If you are using AE to play ST, that is your first mistake.

CCC2 is by far the best (despite the haters+fools that don’t know what 100% emulated means) port of ST.


I think I stopped playing AE for Super Turbo the moment I found I couldn’t charge db with claw.

Well despite it being “100%” theres alot of speed issues.

There isn’t “alot” there is giefs and hawks stage having slowdown because of the qsound emulator.

Pick another stage.

Can anyone confirm which version of AE is the one with correct inputs?, I love AE and would like a “perfect” version so to say.

Then ask in the Fighting Game forum. This is the Super Turbo forum.


CapKore version listed on the link.