What the hell, PSN?


Ok I don’t know if this has been brought up before, I don’t know if it has happened to anybody else or if I’m the first, but I’m really pissed off right now.

So a couple of minutes ago I was playing a match in G3-A that and I won. It was a semi-final match and I got a nice GP boost. I was at around 1925 or so GP. Now I heard that in order to go into G2, you need 2000 GP but apparently I leveled up. So upon returning to Arcade mode, I went back to the title screen to check my stats and a message popped up saying that due to my last match not ending correctly I would have to start from the beginning on my next match. What? And then I looked at my GP and I’m pretty sure it remained identical. So ok… Maybe for some ridiculous reason it thought I disconnected. Which I didn’t, I beat the guy, 2 rounds, saw my GP go up and saw the little icon that says you leveled up. So I sort of disregarded it, it won’t happen again I said. Now I go to my next match, I glance up at my meter during the second round and my GP went down almost 100 points to 1842 GP…

So I guess my question is… How the HELL did this or could this happen? Am I the first?? Has it happened before? Not only did PSN think I disconnected a match that I played through to the end and won, it subtracted almost 100 GP from me…


It’s because you didnt take Championship mode seriously enough.

The only real answer is to take it even more seriously.


I think the real question is who hasn’t lost GP


Yeah, I had this happen to me a long time ago.

Played several hours straight to get the final experience to go from g3 to g2. Did some matches in G2 called it a night and quit. Came back the next day and it gave me that message and didn’t save any of the GP I earned that night so I was right back in G3.


^ Damn it… So did it happen again? Did you get back into G2 and stay there?


happened to me as well. I also had my disconnect rate go up :frowning:


Yeah, I got back into G2 and it stayed there but had to rework for it.


This happened to me too! BUt never 100 GP!


Truth. It’s probably happened to everyone.


I made a thread about this last week…I still think it’s funny that theres a sticky about it saying “fix” and it clearly is not a fix…it was a fix for like 2 people. It’s the net coding causing that error, nothing you can do about it, capcom needs to adress it in the next release…all I can do is say it sucks bad. I’ve lost close to 500 points from it…in G1.